8 Amazon Products You Need If You're On A Health Kick Right Now

by Georgina Berbari

You know that meme that says you don't go to Target because you need something, you go to Target and let Target tell you what you need? Well, I kind of feel the same way about Amazon. TBH, it's a truly magical website, and as a self-proclaimed wellness enthusiast, Amazon health products are most certainly my kryptonite. I just can't get enough.

Guys, listen to me when I say, "friend," "girlfriend," and "boyfriend" all have an end. Amazon, however, has no end. Amazon will always be there for you. Always.

OK, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic now, but the site does really have some amazing products, especially if you're on a health kick right now. From travel-friendly exercise mats, to handy dandy headphones, to an array of soothing essential oils, you can basically find anything that your healthy little heart desires.

Oh, and side note: Don't even get me started on Amazon Alexa. Yeah, she offers health advice now, and it's amazing, helpful, and weirdly disturbing all at the same time.

Whether you're a long-time fitness fanatic, or you're going through a casual wellness obsession phase at the moment, Amazon is here for you, friend. Here are eight of Amazon's health products that you need in your life ASAP.

A Foam Roller To Relieve Those Sore Muscles

LuxFit Speckled Foam Roller, $14, Amazon

Foam rolling is a form of myofascial release (which basically just means giving yourself a deep-tissue massage) that relieves muscle tension and prevents soreness.

Foam rolling is so helpful if you're doing intense workouts on the reg, and Amazon's got you covered with this very pretty speckled roller from LuxFit.

Wireless Headphones That Won't Slip And Slide

TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds, $27, Amazon

Honestly, one of the most frustrating things about working out is when you're jamming out to an awesome playlist and killin' the game, but your freaking headphones just will not stay put. For starters, know that it's not your fault, girlfriend; you can blame the one-size-fits-all design of most earbuds for that dilemma.

Worry not, though, because these Amazon wireless headphones have adjustable ear hooks that will keep those babies in place during even the most difficult of sweat sessions. #Blessed is an understatement.

A Cushion For All Of Your Meditative Desires

Subtle Serenity Yoga Zafu Meditation Cushion, $41, Amazon

Finding just a few minutes in your day for some quiet meditation can help relieve stress, quiet your mind, improve your focus, and even boost your self-esteem. And all it requires is your very own body and the power of your breath.

Use this supportive cushion so that you can meditate for longer periods of time without getting uncomfortable. Thanks, Amazon!

Resistance Bands For More Challenging Home Workouts

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands, $11, Amazon

Resistance bands are super convenient because they can be used for a variety of simple workouts, and you can easily pack them in your bag if you're traveling and want to stay active during your trip.

You can even try Olympic skier Linday Vonn's ab workout with one of these bad boys. Go ahead, I dare you.

An Exercise Mat For Core Work And Yoga Flows

Incline Fit Extra Thick and Long Comfort Foam Yoga/Exercise Mat, $36, Amazon

Whether you're cranking out a sweaty core circuit or flowing through a relaxing yoga practice, a thick and sturdy mat is always good to have.

This mat even comes with a helpful carrying strap for when you're heading to your favorite local studio, and don't want to use one of the sketchy, potentially germ-covered mats that they have there. You know you feel me on that one.

A Yoga Mat Cleaner So You're Not Gross AF

Asutra 100% Natural & Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner, $11, Amazon

Speaking of germs, cleaning your own workout mat is super important so that you avoid smelliness, harmful bacteria, and even fungal infections like ringworm.

Seriously, just spray that bad boy down. Your fungus-free body will thank you.

A Balance Disc To Make Sitting Down More Productive
Gaiam Balance Disk

Gaiam Balance Disc, $22, Amazon

The monotonous inactivity that comes with desk jobs, and even college classes, can be rough, and it can even lead to annoying and painful conditions like dead butt syndrome (yeah, that's a thing).

Amazon's got your booty's best interests at heart, though. This Gaiam balance disc keeps you low-key active all day long while you're working, so that your glutes don't end up being aggressively tight or terribly sore. Your co-workers will be jealous of this purchase, that's for sure.

An Essential Oil Diffuser For Blissful Sleep

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Diffuser Gift Set, $34, Amazon

Most essential oil diffusers come in a box solo, and you kind of have to fend for yourself when it comes to figuring out what oils to buy. Amazon, however, includes an array of essential oils so that you can experiment with soothing scents to your heart's content.

Try these sleepy-time blends that will give you a blissful night of deep sleep and leave you feeling luxuriously well-rested. Amazon, you the real MVP.