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75 Group Chat Names For Your Sorority House & Spilling The Sorori-tea

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Your sorority house group chat has become such a necessity that you don’t know what you'd do without it. It’s where you stay on top of your Greek life events, but most importantly, it’s how you stay connected to your sisters every day. With so many people in one chat, it’s necessary to have some group chat names for sorority houses.

You need a group chat name that shows off your sense of humor and how much you care about these amazing humans in your sorority. It should be personal to your crew, which is why you should drop everything you’re doing right now and decide on any of these 75 sorority house group chat names. Send this list to your sisters, and let the group decide. Since you’re always on the same page anyway, it’ll be easy to find one that stands out the most.

Just think of it like rush week, and you’re choosing the right fit for your house’s vibe. While there are plenty of funny puns to make you LOL and sweet sayings for sisters who love each other, there's that one group chat name that's sure to stand out. Once you’ve chosen, you can get right back to planning fundraisers and settling on a movie to watch this Friday night.

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1. The Alphas

2. My Sistars [star emoji]

3. Best Fries Forever

4. Sisters Spill The Tea

5. Full House

6. House It Going?

7. On The House

8. That's The House Tea

9. Yoda Best Sisters

10. Hey Soul Sisters

11. Sisterhood

12. Let's Dance It Out

13. The Kappa-ccinos

14. The Best On Greek Row

15. Living That Greek Life

16. A Nu Day

17. We Scream For Ice Cream Socials

18. Snaps For Us

19. You Can't Sit With Us — Mean Us

20. On Wednesdays We Wear Our Letters

21. The Real Sisters Of [Insert College Name]

22. Greek Letters > Hogwarts Letters

23. Sister Squad

24. Mermaid To Be Sisters

25. Rhino We'll Be Sisters Forever

26. Sister Act

27. The Golden Girls

28. It's All Greek To Me

29. Orange You Glad We're Sisters?

30. Home Sweet Home

31. Hey Honey, I'm Home

32. There's No Place Like Home — The Wizard of Oz

33. Spill The Sorori-tea

34. What A Rush

35. Bonded Forever

36. Theta Phi Love You

37. Sister, Sister

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38. Feeling Phi-ne

39. Mixer And Mingle

40. My Cup Of Sorori-tea

41. We've Got Class

42. House Goals

43. Mu Fave Sisters

44. Quality Sorority

45. Soro-Sisters

46. The Heathers On Campus

47. My Sister Lining

48. Peas In A Pod

49. The House Bunnies

50. Life Of Alpha Phi

51. Omega Fan Of You

52. With Mu People

53. Who Ate My PopTarts?

54. Sister Sleepovers

55. Phi Love This House

56. Chi Love My Sisters

57. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Texts

58. Campus Queens

59. Living In The Mu-ment

60. Welcome To My House — Flo Rida, "My House"

61. MTV Cribs

62. The Real Hype House

63. Zeta Late Than Never

64. The Demoninators

65. Kappa Diem

66. A Pizza My Pi

67. The Powerpuff Girls

68. Life's Beta With You

69. My Study Buddies

70. Think Pink

71. Nacho Average Sisters

72. Phi Love Mu

73. Always C-rushing It

74. The Best Chapter

75. Beta-ful Sisters