7 Women Share Their Period Week Hacks For A More Simple, Stress-Free Cycle

By Erin Kelly

Let's be real: You look forward to your period like you look forward to finals week, having to pay your rent, or getting a root canal. Knowing your body is about to wreak havoc on you for multiple days at a time not only evokes a feeling of dread, but it also throws a wrench into all your plans — no matter how carefully they’ve been prepared! Sure, you can still go on that weekend getaway you’ve been planning for months — but you better learn to enjoy it with some extra cramps and more frequent trips to the bathroom.

Luckily, women are resourceful individuals. We’ve been fighting against the universe’s innocuous plan to ruin one week a month, every month, for years! And it’s about time we joined forces to fight back together. That’s why we teamed up with Tampax Pocket Radiant at Walmart — the discreet, pocket-sized tampon — to poll a variety of women about their secrets, hacks, and tricks to making period week a little easier.

Together, we can make period week a little less annoying, a little more stylish, and a whole lot more discreet. Here are seven period week hacks for a more simple, stress-free cycle.

1. I Eat Whatever I Want And Stay In More

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“During the week I’m on my period, I eat whatever the hell I want — but I have a particular proclivity for burgers, as well as ice cream bars and chocolate gelato. And while I'm saying, “Yes,” to whatever my stomach wants, I'm saying, “No,” to any and all social engagements that I'd usually feel guilty turning down. I'm too busy that week taking luxurious baths and eating ice cream to worry about social commitments.” —Elly, 24

2. I Give My Skin Some Extra Love

“The weekend prior, I make sure to exfoliate and do a charcoal mask because I know my skin is about to freak out a little once my cycle starts.” —Lauryn, 29

3. I Keep A Secret Stash of Tampons In My Desk Drawer

“Call me crazy, but I'm picky about my tampons — so even though my office is wonderful and keeps freebies for us in our women's restroom, I keep a box of my preferred tampons in my desk drawer. I'm currently stocked up on the Tampax Pocket Radiant, which I love because they're so discreet in those moments when I need to carry one to the bathroom, and they deliver the same protection as regular-sized tampons. I buy them at Walmart, so it's easy to stock up on chocolate, cramp relief medication, and more at the same time.” —Allison, 27

4. I Cook For Myself

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“I actually try to eat healthier leading up to and during the week of my period because I typically feel incredibly bloated. Cooking nutritious meals for myself helps me feel a little bit better about the situation.” —Laura, 28

5. I Stock My Pockets With Tampons


“Pre-period, I pack my coat pockets and backpack with tampons so I never run into a situation where I’m stuck without one. Stocking up on pocket-sized tampons that can fit easily into whatever I'm wearing is an absolute must. I prefer buying Tampax Pocket Radiant for the fun and fashionable packaging so I don't need to cramp my style." —Michelle, 22

6. I Avoid Emotional Movies


“More recently, I've noticed that I actually do get a bit more sensitive the week before I start my cycle, so I try to avoid shows or movies that are especially sad, traumatizing, or intense. Instead, I stick to entertainment that’s a little more casual — like comedy and other genres like that.” —Lexi, 28

7. I Dress For the Occasion

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“I wear my older underwear — my designated ‘period underwear’ — the week before just in case it starts a little bit early so I don’t ruin anything nice.” —Nancy, 24

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