These Wine & Chocolate Festivals Should Definitely Go On Your Bucket List, ASAP

I'd like to think I'm good at pairing wines — and by pairing, I mean being able to hold a pair of wine glasses in hand. In all seriousness though, it's amazing how different wines bring out delicious notes of food you might not typically catch onto. Chocolate — the only reason to get up in the morning — is no exception to pairing well with wine. If you want to spoil your tastebuds to the max, attending wine and chocolate festivals and experiences will give them the VIP treatment.

Any real wino knows that wine is tremendously fulfilling on its own — but once food or sweets are involved, you're hooked. Like wine, chocolate has many different variations, tastes, and brands. Getting the two together for a collab will seriously have you and your girls (who are over 21) in pure bliss.

Inside all of us is a chocoholic that can never really get enough sweets, even with a glass of wine in their hand. Luckily, this colliding of worlds isn't too complex to find and attend — although you may have to travel a bit depending on where you are located on the grid. Chocolate and wine are worth the trek, though, and these festivals are sure to tantalize those tastebuds.

Syracuse Wine And Chocolate Festival
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The Syracuse Wine and Chocolate Festival congregates local wine and sweets distributors, and conveniently sets them up in one place for you to enjoy. The event runs on Saturday, Nov. 24 this year, so you can even make a girls' weekend out of it. Round up your crew and get planning... because the sips await.

The Montrose Chocolate And Wine Festival
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Over in Pennsylvania, the Montrose Chocolate and Wine Festival is about to kick off its 11th annual event on May 19. The sweet thing about this event is that the proceeds go toward funding projects in the community. Oh, and even sweeter, you can participate in a Cupcake War. Yum!

Estes Park Wine And Chocolate Festival
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This year's festival has already come and gone, but the next Estes Park and Wine Festival has their calendar date set for Feb. 9, 2019. This Colorado festival is right around Valentine's Day, so whether you have a date or not, you can't beat chocolate and wine. A ticket includes 10 chocolate sampling tickets, a complimentary wine glass and tote bag, numerous pours, and live music. What's a sweeter plan to treat yo' self to than that?

Hermann Chocolate Wine Trail
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The Hermann Chocolate Wine Trail takes place in Missouri. It's an event that revolves around the romance in the air. Couples can spend their Valentine's Day festivities visiting different stops along the wine trail. The menu for 2019 isn't up yet, but if it's anything like the one spotlighted in 2018, attendees are in for a delicious selection.

Northwest Cellars Presents Chocolate And Wine: The Two Basic Food Groups
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Northwest Cellars is hosting a short, but sweet experience for you to bring your girls to on Sunday, March 11. The tasting includes six different wine and chocolate pairings. You also get to snag a few treats to take home. Your Sunday just met the deal of a lifetime, and you get to learn a thing or two in the process.

WineLA's Wine, Cheese, And Chocolate Event
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WineLA is about to have class in session with an event that combines the amazing flavors of wine, cheese, and chocolate. Learn about what each one brings to the experience of drinking wine. The tickets are $85 per person, but you'll leave with a priceless and unique understanding. Your dinner parties are about to be extra lit.

The Art Of Wine And Chocolate
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The Art of Wine and Chocolate is hosting an event in Toronto that'll give you a bit of an understanding about a few health benefits from the incredible elements of wine and chocolate. Enjoy Daniel Le Chocolat Belge chocolates while you learn some tips from a fellow "chocoholic," Steve Thurlow. So this is what our teachers meant by having fun while learning!

Wine and chocolate are two of the yummiest things you could indulge in. Together in one place? You should be there already.