7 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas If You Want The Spotlight To Be On You

by Tessa Harvey

Raise your hand if you've spent way too much time thinking about and planning your Halloween costume. Ahem – don't lie, all of your hands should be raised. Whether you started planning weeks ago, or you haven't started (and now find yourself on the worst kind of deadline), planning your Halloween costume can be stressful AF. You never know quite what to be, or how it'll be received by friends and family. Do you want to be funny, or smart? Cute or scary? All of the above? What does that even look like? Let me tell ya: it's not easy. It's especially not easy to find a costume that's special; unique Halloween costumes for 2017 are difficult.

The first question you usually ask yourself is: What hasn't been done? I'll answer that for you: Everything you can think of probably has been done, so it's best to drop that expectation now. Halloween, incidentally, becomes a lot more fun then, too. Then, you move onto figuring out what's recognizable, but not so popular that everyone else is doing. Inevitably, you end up in a pile of clothes and old costumes wondering if you should just cancel your entire Halloween.

Bu there's none of that happening for you now. Instead, I've made it really, really easy for you: here are seven Halloween costumes so unique that everyone can't help but stare. Don't get shy now!

Give Your Sims The Glory They Deserve
Laugh Stash TV 🎃 on Twitter impersonating them and using them as a Halloween costume, of course. You can just go with the green headband or be hella extra and go all out for the Sim-censored shower mode. Either way is hilarious – and everyone's going to be watching.

That Giant Inflatable Dinosaur
Vat19 on Twitter

Everyone's seen it. Everyone's laughed. Now it's your turn to live it. Seriously, this costume is bound to give you the spotlight. Anything you do in it is instantly more funny (but don't abuse your newfound power).

Let Your Pup Do The Talking
MADS on Twitter

You'll never have to think about your costume if you're distracting everyone with your dog's costume, right? Genius. No one will notice you "forgot" your costume if your dog rolls up to the party dressed like the cutest thing since well, the last dog they saw.

The Actual Poop Emoji
nicole feliciano on Twitter

If you really want to turn some heads, this one's sure to be your winner. Sure, the other emojis costumes are trendy and are bound to be super popular, but this one puts you a league ahead. You could always say you're ice cream.

Bad Gal RiRi
We Are: The Guard on Twitter

How to steal the spotlight? Show up as dead-ringer for Rihanna. There are tons of eras and styles to choose from, and they're all iconic AF. Literally no one loses in this situation. Your friends will thank you for gracing them with your presence (as they should).

A Group Tetris Costume
Tetris on Twitter

If your squad is still costume-less too, this group costume is your perfect solution. A quick search gives you lots of tutorials to follow. Show up in this costume and you already know everyone's going to be watching you ( for good or for worse, I can't say).

Anyone From The Movie "Juno"
Savana on Twitter

This costume works because it's so recognizable. It's not even a fan favorite movie – it just has facial recognition. Plus, chances are if you show up suddenly looking pretty pregnant that some eyes are going to be on you. Hit the dance floor for some real good laughs.