7 Unique Beach Towels To Dry Off In Style This Summer

With prime beach season coming up, you are most likely looking to up your seaside wardrobe game. And since beach towels are a huge part of beach fashion, it's basically vital to snag something unique, Instagrammable, and most importantly, comfortable. So if you haven't already done your annual pre-summer shopping trip, here are seven unique beach towels to dry off in style this summer.

If you aren't entirely up-to-date on the latest in beach fashion, let me take a second and bring you up to speed. In the last few years or so, circular towels have gained tremendous popularity. I know it sounds pretty unusual, but they are basically sweeping the nation in all their corner-less glory.

However, if a circular towel isn't quite what you're looking for, there are so many cute options that maintain that classic rectangular shape. Between gorgeous patterns, super cute graphics, and summery colors, the internet is stuffed to the brim with cool towels that you will definitely want to tote to the beach this season. So take a look at my top seven sickest towel picks below. I don't know about you, but my wallet is definitely quaking right now.

SUNBABY Boho Beach Towel, $14.99

Amazon's SUNBABY Boho Beach Towel for $14.99 can double as a beach towel or sarong, according to the brand. Its polyester material is super soft, it's decked out in a stylish print, and it's multi-functional. What more could one want, seriously?

Barelove Hippy Gypsy Round Beach Towel, $10.99

Whether you're doing yoga at the beach or if you're simply having a picnic in the park, this Barelove Round Beach Towel from Amazon is decked out in a sick pattern with gorgeous colors. If you're looking to hop aboard the circular towel trend, this option for $10.99 is a super solid place to start.

Heartbeat Beachwear Towel, $19.99

Those looking to avoid strong UV rays this summer should definitely look into Heartbeat's Beachwear Towel. It costs $19.99 on Amazon, and according to the brand, it comes with holes for the head, arms, and legs. It's seriously clutch if sunscreen alone doesn't quite do the trick.

MAYDE Turkish Saltwater Towel, $35

If you haven't heard about MAYDE, it's an Australian brand that offers high-quality, hand-dyed beach towels like this Indigo Saltwater Towel. Treat your inner hippie to one of these for $35, and you'll be happy to know it can double as a sarong, too.

Laguna Beach Textile Company's Coral Sunset Round Towel, $45
Laguna Beach Textile Company

If you're seeking out something more luxurious on the other hand, Laguna Beach Textile Company offers quality towels like this Coral Sunset Round Beach Towel for $45. According to the website, it's Jacquard-woven, meaning the patterns won’t fade, and they're made with 600 grams per square meter of cotton, which means they're much thicker, softer, and comfier than most beach towels out there.

Toweltails Cotton Mermaid Tail-Shaped Towel, $19.99

In my personal opinion, you're never too old to be a mermaid, and this Toweltails Mermaid Tail from Amazon further proves my point. It's 55 inches long and quite cozy (ideal for a beach nap) and it comes in vibrant colors that are totally machine washable.

Shutterfly's Couple Monogram Towel

Maybe you and your S.O. are going on a trip this summer, or you want to commemorate the special bond you have with your dog. Either way, Shutterfly's Couple Monogram towel let's you personalize it with two photos and a monogram for $50. With one of these, it's basically guaranteed that nobody else's towel will match yours.

Like I said, the world wide web is chock full of unique beach towels. Each and every one of these are super fresh, and will definitely up your style game this season. Look out, Rockaways — the beach kween is on her way.