7 Traditions You Need To Start With Your Squad When The First Friend Gets Engaged

You knew this day would come, and it's finally here — the first of your friends just got engaged. You received the emotional FaceTime, and naturally, you're freaking out. Cue all the happy tears while you're dancing around the room celebrating. Now, you and your crew know it's time to start prepping and planning. This is your chance to start some really awesome traditions with your besties that will continue whenever someone else in your group gets engaged. Traditions are always exciting to carry on, but you're probably wondering what traditions to start with your friends when the first one in the squad gets engaged.

It's time to think outside the box. Obviously, you have to include the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and shopping for dresses together up in the mix. Those are a given, but this is also your time to start something entirely fresh that's unique to your crew. They can be traditions for the wedding prep, to celebrate the bride, or just fun activities to ensure you and your crew always make time for each other when life gets hectic. You don't really need an excuse to spend more time together with your besties, but if you need some inspo, here are seven traditions to start right now.

Bestie Charm Bracelets Are Mandatory

A fun tradition to start is gifting friendship bracelets with a charm for every time a new friend in the group gets engaged. Each charm can be representative of that friend and her big celebration. Of course, these bracelets will be a total upgrade to that best friend jewelry we all rocked back in middle school.

Weekly Brunches To Discuss Your Bridesmaid Duties Over Mimosas

In my opinion, brunch is a staple plan for every friend group. You may have a set brunch time already set in stone, but starting weekly brunches leading up to the wedding is not only fun, but fundamental. You and your friends can get some serious planning done for the big day. This also gives you all time to catch up while drinking endless mimosas (if you're 21 and up) — and we don't really need an excuse for that.

Document Everything In A Scrapbook Photo Album For The Bride

You'll want to remember every step of the way. The wedding photographer comes in to capture the big day, but they won't be there for all of the fun leading up to it. Make an effort to snap as many pics as you can of you and your squad hanging out together. Once the wedding day is here, you and your friends can give a photo album as a present to the bride that'll surely make her tear up.

Plan A Monthly Girls' Night Out With The Tribe

You probably think you don't need to make this a tradition since you get together a lot as it is, but this one is necessary. With the upcoming wedding, life may get away from you. Make sure you pencil in a date each month to hit up your fave wine bar or go clubbing. This is also your time to just hang without worrying about any wedding planning.

Have A Pampering Spa Day Together Right Before The Wedding

The wedding planning will be so much fun, but it can also get a tad stressful for everyone. That's why a relaxing spa day is so necessary. You and your friends can find a spa to visit, or if you're on a budget, have a little "treat yourself" day at home. It's time for manicures, DIY face masks, and cozy cocktails. It's relaxing, you deserve it, and who wouldn't want to make this a tradition to continue on?

Squad Trip It To Someplace New

This is separate from the bachelorette party and should be a getaway exclusively for your girl crew. The destination doesn't even have to be someplace far if you want to keep this trip as wallet-friendly as possible. Whether you rent a cabin in the mountains, or plan a beach house vacay right on the sand, this will be a trip for the books.

Take A Celebratory Group Pic To Recreate Each Time Someone Gets Engaged

Get together for a celebratory group pic that can be recreated every time someone in the squad gets engaged. Whether you want to keep it simple, or go all out (because we're all a little bit extra), don't forget to come up with a unique hashtag!