Make Your Next Airport Experience Way Less Stressful With These 7 Quick Tips

by Ciara Johnson

There's nothing more exciting than flying to a destination you've always dreamed of visiting. You've been saving up for this big trip and planned out every little detail, from your favorite outfits to the most unique (and Insta-worthy) activities. The entire process can be exhilarating, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. Flying and airports in general can bring out a lot of unnecessary stress. The long lines, security process, check-in counters, and time constraints can make even the most experienced travelers nervous. There are some tips to get you through the airport faster, so that you can make it to your destination in no time (without any extra baggage).

As a full-time traveler, I've had plenty of good and bad airport experiences. I've missed flights, experienced delays, slept in airports, and so much more. Over the years, I've learned some tricks to help make my airport experience go a lot smoother. I no longer dread showing up to the airport. Instead, I look forward to arriving ahead of time, breezing through the process, and even grabbing a snack before I board the plane. If you're worried about missing your flight or navigating your way through busy airports, then use any of these tips to ensure you crush your next airport experience.

Bring A Carry-On Only
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You'll save so much time and money by fitting your clothes into just a carry-on bag. You'll avoid excessive baggage fees, and you'll also avoid having to check your bag (and waiting in baggage claim once you arrive at your destination). I've spent hours waiting in line to check my luggage, but I quickly learned that I could head straight to security with a carry-on only (that follows TSA requirements, of course).

Check In Online
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Checking in online will relieve a lot of stress before you arrive at the airport. Most airlines have check-in time restrictions, so be sure you're aware of them if you do decide to check in at the airport. The sooner you check in, the better!

Apply For TSA Pre-Check
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If you travel often, applying for this program is a total lifesaver. According to American Airlines, with TSA pre-check, you don't have to remove your laptop or liquids from your carry-on luggage, and you also don't have to take your shoes off at security checkpoints. Basically, it makes the entire security process go by much faster.

Use A Virtual Boarding Pass
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In order to save paper and time, you can use a virtual boarding pass to board your flight. With a virtual boarding pass, you can avoid busy check-in counters and kiosks. If you use a carry on, check in online, and use your virtual boarding pass, then you'll be at your gate quicker than you can imagine.

Weigh Your Bag Before You Get To The Airport on YouTube

I've definitely made the mistake of overpacking, and it ended up costing me a lot of money and precious time in the end. To avoid being charged overweight baggage fees and being forced to re-pack your bag at the check-in counter, be sure to make sure your baggage meets the weight limits before you even arrive at the airport.

Have Your Documents Ready
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Double check to make sure that you have the correct documents on hand. It's best that your boarding pass and photo identification can be easily accessed in your purse, as you'll need to have them ready at a variety of checkpoints throughout the airport.

Know The Security Rules

It's common knowledge that liquids must be a certain size, and large electronics must be removed from your bag when going through security. Check your bag thoroughly for liquids, and follow of the rules to avoid getting held up at security.

It would be a shame to throw out your favorite perfume or miss your flight because you had to go through an additional security search. Be in the know before you go, and organize your stuff accordingly.