If Your Roomie Does These 7 Things, Literally Never Let Them Go

by Kristin Corpuz

Sometimes, living with a roommate can be a struggle. Balancing two personalities — and maybe even two different lifestyles — can be a challenge, because you're blending them together in a brand new household. But if you feel like you've found "the one," there are a few things your roommate does that makes them the actual best, and you should absolutely never let them go.

The perfect roomie may take care of you when you're not feeling well, welcome you home with a glass of wine and a shoulder to cry on when you're having a stressful day, and keep it 100 with you, always. They make sure that your family likes them, and they're respectful of your space whenever you have company over. These might not be the easiest criteria to hit, but if you've found someone who checks all — if not most — of these boxes, you should live with them for as long as you possibly can.

You likely spend a lot of your free time in your apartment, so it's important for you to find a person who meshes well with you. Even if the two of you don't always get along, if you know how to give each other the space you need, you'll be able to create a beautiful home together.

They Make You Soup When You're Sick
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Nothing is better than a roomie who knows how to cook — except for a roomie who knows how to cook and will make you soup when you're sick. Living away from home can be difficult, especially when you're feeling under the weather. Lucky for you, you have a stellar roommate who makes you feel so loved.

They Empty The Garbage Without You Ever Having To Ask
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If your roomie is great at keeping up with their chores around the apartment, they're already worth keeping around, but one who will actually take out the garbage before it's overflowing is a true MVP who you should never let go of.

They Always Ask If You Need Something When They're At The Store

This is a tiny gesture that can really go a long way. Whenever your roomie runs to the corner store or goes grocery shopping and shoots you a "you need anything?" text, your heart feels warm inside. It just shows you that they're always thinking about you and want to make sure you're taken care of.

They're Always There To Vent When You Have A Stressful Day
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There's nothing better than coming home after a long and stressful day and having a roomie welcome you back with a glass of wine and a shoulder to cry on. If your roommate knows how to be supportive when you're having a rough time, they're truly the best.

They Love Hanging Out, But They Also Respect Your Need For Alone Time
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Roommates are all about balance. You want someone who will be down to hang out with you whenever you want company, but someone who also gives you space when you need some alone time (and vice versa). If your roomie has this perfect balance, you best do whatever you can to keep them around.

They're Always Respectful To And Are Respected By Your Guests

You value the opinions of the people who are most important in your life, especially your family and significant other. It's important to you that they like your roommate. If your roommate earns the respect of the people who are closest to you, that goes a really long way.

They Always Keep It Real
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You spend so much time at home, your roommate sees a ton of your life, even if they're not trying to. A stellar roommate will offer invaluable words of advice, and they'll always be completely honest with you.