7 Things You Experience During Your First Long-Distance Relationship That Are So Relatable

Right now, you and your significant other are dealing with some distance. You may be back in your hometowns for a few weeks while school is on break, or working and living in different places for a little while. It can be tough. (I mean, who's going to split a carton of ice cream and watch movies with you?) But it's not for forever, and you're going to get through it. You're going to hang out with your besties a lot, and stay in touch with bae via text or phone calls. There are some things you experience during your first long-distance relationship that just might put a smile on your face, too.

Laughter is truly the best medicine when it comes to many things in life. Sure, there is always a time and place for humor, and you should always take a read on your audience and the situation at hand. But, more often than not, a laugh or well-worded meme can cure your heart and soul.

For instance, you spill coffee on your shirt? Crack a joke about it. Your bestie tells an embarrassing story about you? Find your funny bone. You and your significant other are doing long-distance? Send each other memes, and text back, "Same!" Before you know it, you will be sharing those laughs in one place, and have conquered your first long-distance relationship. Here are seven things that happen when you and bae are apart. One last reminder: You totally got this.

You Get Creative When Planning Dates

Going on dates is a little tricky when you and your significant other are dealing with distance. You have to get creative, and technology is normally involved.

For example, you both order a pizza on a Friday night, in your respective places. You eat your slices over FaceTime, and maybe have some candles lit in the background, too. Afterwards, you might watch the same movie, with your phones still in hand. Honestly, it's the ideal date night for when you're apart.

You Realize That Long-Distance Relationships Aren't Quite Like The Movies
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In the movies, a couple who's in a long-distance relationship usually gazes up at the night sky. They look at the moon, and wonder if bae is looking up at the bright beauty in the sky, too. These are probably some of the most tear-jerking and cheesiest moments in cinematic history.

Your relationship with bae is likely not quite the same. Times have changed, and you just try to share memes and similar social media feeds. Odds are, when you're laughing, it's at the same picture of a cat or video clip from The Office. Your significant other really gets you and your sense of humor.

Your Technology Fails You And Your SO At Some Point

Arguably, the biggest struggle of being in a long-distance relationship is dealing with technology. Something is always just a little bit off, and you learn to laugh about it with your significant other.

You're on FaceTime and the connection might be poor, or you get paused while bae is trying to find a cute video or tweet they saw earlier. Meanwhile, you're thinking to yourself, "Um, excuse me! Please let me see your face, thanks!" *Rolls eyes and giggles a little bit.* It's so true.

You Try To Find Some Pros About Being Apart From Bae
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Not seeing your bae every single day does have some pros. And when you're in the middle of your long-distance relationship, you try to focus on those positives as much as possible. For example, you don't have to worry about keeping the fridge stocked with bae's snacks on the regular. That's right — all of that space on the shelves is for you.

You Treat Yourself To Shopping With Your Bestie
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Saying goodbye to your significant other means two things: the start of sending memes and endless text messages, and shopping. Yes, you hit the malls as soon as you drop your love off at the airport or train station. Your bestie is normally right by your side, encouraging you to swipe that credit card and treat yo' self.

You Start Repeating Phrases In Your Texts Like, "I Miss You"
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Three words get repeated over and over in your text messages — so much so, that they become your anthem: "I miss you."

At first, you might tear up a bit. That's OK! Just remember that you're not alone in it at all. Many long-distance couples are singing that same anthem, too.

From the second you say goodbye to bae, this is your motto — but only until you're about to see them again and start saying other phrases like, "...when I see you next week." *Cue the happy tears.*

You Get So Excited When You're About To See Your SO

Most long-distance relationships have an end date — a weekend when you and bae will see each other, or a date on the calendar when you're back in the same place for good. And, it's very possible that you both have a countdown clock going in your phones until this very day.

When it approaches, and the clock only shows about a week or so left, you get so excited. You feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You start talking about things you'd like to do with them "next week," and signing off with the phrase, "See you soon!"

Just like that, you got through your first long-distance relationship.