7 Things You Can Only Get Away With Saying To Your Sister

Have you ever said something so incredibly outlandish, stopped yourself in your tracks, and then realize you were talking to your sister, so you continued on with your rant? That's because our sisters are essentially the keys that unlock the good, the bad, the ugly, and the downright hilarious qualities in us all. We are real with them, no matter what. That's why there are things you can say to your sister and not feel judged one bit.

Emotions aren't supposed to be controlled, and because we have to seemingly regulate them around people other than our sister, it's crucial to vent. Our sisters can handle our seriousness and our dramatics, so saying just about anything without a filter attached is instinctual around her. No matter how vulgar or weird, she's there to listen, and you never feel like your venting has fallen on void ears.

Oh, sisters. What would we do without them? Sometimes, you just need to be heard without putting your words through a socially acceptable, cookie-cutter filter before you present them. That's not how real life works, to be honest. So, whether you do this religiously or only when you're bursting at the seams, your sister is the only person you can say a few of these things to.

Describing Your Period In Full Detail

Look, the menstrual cycle is annoyingly different for all women. With that said, your sister will always be your go-to when describing the excruciating experience Aunt Flow has cursed you with. No matter how horrible the details, you vent it all to your sister, because she actually knows what you're going through and you don't feel the need to edit your frustrations to her. You'll use as many "F" bombs as you see fit.

Obnoxiously Swooning Over Someone

Some of us ladies out there may be guilty of gawking at an attractive person at the end of the bar. Chances are, though, no one else heard it, because you voiced it all to your confidant — aka, your sister. It's hard to control those initial thoughts and words about someone who you find attractive. Regardless of what pace your thoughts overflow, your sister is always there for the spillover.

Majorly Venting About Another Relative

Even if it's about your parents, your sister hears it all. Your sister is like your best friend in the family, and because you guys get along so well, you probably share some of the same views about other members of your family. Getting animosity off of your chest is mandatory, and your sister has no issue being the volunteer who listens.

Fully Detailing A Sexual Encounter

OK, as much as you could talk to any of your girl friends about sex, your sister gets the nitty gritty. Again, you don't have an urge to hold back any embarrassing or graphic details when it comes to your sister. If anything, she's the one pulling all of the information from you in the first place.

Anything Brutally Honest About Her Outfit Choice

It's OK for you to critique your sister's clothes or current look, but let an outsider try the same thing, and you're ready to hand out knuckle sandwiches. It's sort of an unspoken rule that sisters can be brutally honest to each other about basically everything. We count on that genuine part of our relationship, because it's not something you can get out of just anyone. So, if that sweater needs to be burned, we're handing you the match and the gasoline.

Bluntly Explaining Why You Don't Like Someone

No matter what your kindergarten teacher said, you aren't and don't have to be friends with everyone. And sometimes, those people you don't vibe with get on your nerves, and you use colorful adjectives to describe who they are to your sister and why you choose to repel them. She doesn't necessarily have to side with you — she just needs to listen to your annoyance.

Asking Comparative Boob Questions

Boobs, just like people, come in all different shapes and sizes. Because, for the most part, you'll only experience having your own boobs, you'll always have questions about other boob journeys. Asking your sister if she's ever experienced something you experienced with your boobs is bound to happen. She's the perfect person to talk to about stuff like that, because she won't feel the need to fabricate.

Our sisters are here for us no matter what manages to come out of our mouths. It's fine that we can't be this honest with everyone, because she's really all we need.