7 Things To Thank Your Sister For Right Now, Because She's The Real MVP

Did you know that today, Apr. 10, is National Siblings Day? This holiday probably snuck up on you, but that's because to you, every day is National Siblings Day. You're always letting your sis know how much you care about her, because she is your best friend, your closest confidant, and the person you share everything with — from clothes to secrets. She is your go-to texting person in emergencies — so she really is your MVP for life — and there are so many more things to thank your sister for today.

You need to text your sis right now to say, "Thank you," but where do you even start? There are so many reasons you are blessed to have her in your life (almost too many to count). I'm personally so thankful to my own sister for always being the one person I know I can text for any situation at hand, and she will respond right away. She is also the person I go to with my biggest secrets, because I can trust her like no other. A sister is such a special gem, so you could really go on forever and ever with why you're beyond #blessed. But to save us all from a "too long, didn't read," here are seven things to thank your sister for on National Siblings Day.

She Has Seen You At Your Worst And Still Loves You Terribly

Let's face it — we had our dramatic AF teen moments growing up. Despite your whining, complaining, and teenage angst, your sister has always loved you and stuck by your side through it all. She loved you at your not-so-amazing moments, so now you're happy she still loves you at your best.

She Has Always Been Your Most Passionate Cheerleader

When you were deciding on colleges, interviewing for a new job, or working your butt off for that dream promotion, your sister was the one cheering you on, front and center. No matter where you go or what you do in this thing called life, she will be there rooting for you to succeed. Now, get this girl some much-deserved pom poms and a gold medal!

She Still Keeps That Secret From Your Parents That You Asked Her To Keep Safe Years Ago

You know the secret I'm talking about. It could be that you were the one who accidentally broke your parents' antique lamp, or maybe you "borrowed" the car on Friday night when you weren't supposed to. Either way, you asked your sister to keep quiet, and she has all of these years. Even now, when your secret could be shared without getting in trouble, she still keeps it, because she made a promise and she's loyal AF.

She Has The Only Opinion You Truly Trust

Your sister is brutally honest with you, and that's why you trust her with your life. She has the only opinion that matters when it comes to the biggest decisions you'll make. You may not want to hear what she has to say all the time, but you know in your heart that she is always right.

All Of Those Unforgettable Nights Of Laughing 'Til You Cried

You and your sister have so many inside jokes that you could probably fill up an entire Netflix comedy special with them. No one else would really understand them, obviously, but you both would be crying from laughing so flippin' hard.

You need to thank your sis for having an epic sense of humor, and providing you with so many laughs throughout the years. She has gotten you through some rough times with a chuckle, and some great times with an endless amount of giggles.

Despite The Distance, She's Always There, And Always Will Be

As you get older, you and your sister may be located in totally different zip codes. Living far away from family can be difficult, but your sister has always been available to you at any hour of the day. It feels like she's always right there by your side. The quote, "Like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one," is all too true when it comes to you and your sis.

She Is The Only Friend Who Can Confidentially Put The "F" In BFF, Because You're Family

Your sister was your first friend, because she was there when you were born. It's those perks of being related. She was there at the very beginning, and unlike your other friends (even though they are gems), your sister is the only person who truly will be there forever — because she's your fam.