5 Creative Sister Date Ideas To Plan This Spring When You're Both Broke AF

by Tessa Harvey

There are very few things my sister and I agree on. Seriously, we butt heads on essentially everything, from our phone backgrounds (why am I not on your background, too?) to our weekend plans, to what Netflix show we should marathon together next. At this point, none of our fights are even hostile — I think we just like to disagree. But the one thing we can agree on is how much we love the spring season — like, a lot. Unfortunately, springtime isn't always easy on our budgets. When the snow melts away and the beautiful flowers begin to pop up, you tend to want to get out of the house, and that can be so hard on your wallet. That's why it's important for us to find cheap AF things to do with your sister in the spring.

If you're anything like me and my sis, you're with her at least half of your week, so you need some fun stuff to do that's not going to break the bank. Between Netflix and baking, you start to feel out of ideas pretty quick. What's a girl supposed to do? Luckily, there are a million things for you to do, and these five cheap sister dates are just the beginning to an awesome season.

A Picnic Lunch At Your Fave Childhood Park
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Sometimes, there's nothing better than a rejuvenating spring day, delicious homemade sandwiches, and time spent with your main squeeze. You can accomplish all of this by having a sister date picnic. It's as easy as picking up your favorite bottle of lemonade, whipping up a variety of stellar appetizers, and heading to that park you'd frequent on the regular as kids. You'll have a blast reminiscing the good ole' days, and you've spent almost zero bucks on this awesome plan.

DIY Chic Springtime Decor For Your Places

I don't know about you, but I've never been down with spring cleaning. It's all good in theory, and it's even better once it's done. But actually getting to it? Yeah... maybe tomorrow. But you and your sis can spring clean together in a different way — by DIY-ing some amazing home decor. And who knows, maybe after you're done, your new stuff will inspire you to do some house cleaning together (accompanied by a solid playlist).

Volunteer To Walk Dogs At A Local Animal Shelter
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

When you think spring, what do you think of? Hitting up your fave dog park? 'Cause same. And if I know anything about myself, it's that I always want a puppy around this time of year (and pretty much every other time of the year, who am I kidding?).

Not ready for that step? No prob. Have a volunteer date with your sis at the nearest animal shelter. You'll have an amazing time spending the afternoon caring for sweet fur babies, and you'll certainly make their whole day as well.

Swap Clothes For A Dope New Spring Wardrobe
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Springtime brings about a certain feeling in the air. I'm not talking about the fresh aroma of new blossoms, or the spring rain. It's that itch to hit up the mall for a floral-filled wardrobe. I don't know about you, but a new season always makes me hungry for new clothes. Unfortunately, that's not always financially smart — especially when you're working with a tight budget. Try a clothes swap with your sis. New to you is still new, and you might be surprised what gems you'll find in her closet.

Get In Touch With Your Green Thumb
Bruce and Rebecca Meissner/Stocksy

Spring is the time of year when I wake up eagerly looking at my window every morning, and it's not because I'm looking for a sunny day so I can bask by the pool. Mostly, I'm checking out my windowsill, where I planted and potted a ton of fresh plants and flowers.

It's super easy to do and makes for a great day spent with your sis. You'll both end up with fresh greenery to make your place feel so serene and ready to take on the warmer weather. You can get creative potting them, too — head to thrift stores and find a bunch of interesting mugs and tea cups. Best sister date ever? Maybe.