7 Essential Things To Reevaluate In Your Life Before Starting The New Year

by Tessa Harvey

It's nothing new to us that we should reflect on ourselves in the new year. It's become commercialized and mainstream, even, to take steps to a better you once the clock strikes midnight. Some of us put off reaching our goals until we hit that new year, and some of us dread pretending to "better ourselves" each year. Without fail, we're bombarded with emails and ads teaching us how to be a better us, when really, the only people who can tell us that is ourselves. As we approach the new year, the easy thing to do is to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else who feels the pressure to "fix" the usual (and, inevitably, give up). The harder thing to do? Focus on what's really gotta go to make us feel, think, and be better. It's about deciding what things to reevaluate in life.

Maybe 2018 won't be about making yourself into a completely different person. Instead, maybe you can focus on the small things that will make you happier in the long run; figuring out little ways to make your life run just a little bit more smoothly.

No idea where to start? These seven things will get you over that brain block. If one doesn't apply, move to the next, but we all have things we can get better at. New year, better you.

The Way You Run Your Budget

Maybe you don't really have a budget and tend to let things fall as they fall. Maybe you do have a budget, but you don't really pay attention to it. Or maybe, your budget is all-or-nothing for you — if it's not budgeted, it doesn't happen. This year, focus on fixing just a few things in your budget – spending more a or less on entertainment, cooking a homemade meal more often, or just foregoing that second daily coffee.

How The Friendships Closest To You Are Really Going

It sucks to feel under-appreciated and invisible, especially in your friendships. Now's the time to take a hard look at how things are going in the squad, and whether you need to rid yourself of some toxicity. Maybe, you're the toxic friend, and you need to put some work into being better for your girls.

Whether Where You're At In Your Job Is Where You Want To Be

Careers are tricky, and there is a balance between too much work and not enough. It's time to evaluate if you're where you want to be. If you are, great – what's your plan for the year ahead? Slow down, or speed up? If you aren't, what steps can you take to make yourself happier? It's not about getting there the fastest; instead, it's about dong what's right for you.

What Makes You You, And What Makes You Who You Want To Be

It's tempting to go head first into that "New Year, new me" lifestyle. We all wish we could see instant change in ourselves in some way or another. For example, I wish I could wake up tomorrow and be a morning person – but that's not happening. Instead, it's about evaluating the small stuff and taking steps to becoming that person. Don't lose yourself in search of being "better."

Whether That Hairstyle Is Something You Want To Continue

Maybe for you, 2017 was the year you tried bangs and it really didn't work out. Or maybe it did. Either way, now's an excuse to evaluate your hairstyle and color. Is it time to change it up, or are you loving where things are right now?

What Your Relationships Mean To You, And What Significance They Have

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or haven't had a steady SO in years, now is the time to take a close look at your love department. Are you in the right headspace for a new relationship, or any, in this new year? Are you finally ready for something serious? You've got the answer.

How To Make The Most Out Of Every Day

And finally, it's about that time of year when you take a look at just how you're spending your waking hours. Maybe you'd like to spend less time on Twitter. Maybe you want to try a new recipe every week. Make a few goals for your everyday life – you never know how they'll turn out.