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7 Fun Things To Do In New York At Christmas Time Besides See The Tree

Finding yourself in New York around Christmas time means you're just steps or a train ride away from some dope gems of the city. I'm not hating on the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree one bit (because that's surely a staple to see this time of year), but there's also so much more holiday fun to be had in the Big Apple. The jolly holiday unveils many things to do in New York at Christmas time, some of which wouldn't even feel right doing in any other city.

Call it being touristy if you want, but indulging in all of the festivities of the city is a must, especially if you're just visiting. It's amazing how fast the city transforms into a winter wonderland once those holiday months start rolling in. The whole ordeal can seem like you've sort of stepped into a different world or something.

Make sure you've got those walking shoes ready, because pedestrian-friendly doesn't even begin to describe the amount of steps you're going to rack up on your fit bit. It will all be worth it when you're knees-deep in unforgettable memories and experiences. Besides, you get so much more out of your trip to any new place if you're out in it, going place to place, instead of driving through. Take more than just a bite out of the Big Apple by heading to any of these places.

Ice Skate In Bryant Park Winter Village
Bryant Park on Twitter

Who turns down ice skating? The answer is no one. The ice skating rink in Bryant Park is so picturesque. It even has an awesome Tree Lighting Skate-tacular event each year, so you can knock two birds out with one stone if you happen to be around for it.

Tour The Dyker Heights Christmas Light Displays
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Why are Christmas lights so amazing? It's always interesting to see people's light ideas come to life right on their porch. The holidays literally light up our lives, and if we could look at Christmas lights all year long, some of us definitely would. Just about a half-hour drive outside of the city, Dyker Heights spotlights some of the very best holiday light displays around.

See The Nutcracker Rouge
VickyFlipFlop on Twitter

Experience The Nutcracker with a twist. The Nutcracker Rouge is a burlesque variation of the beloved show. It's uniquely erotic, but will surely provide you with something you've never seen before. Add some spice to your winter entertainment and snag a few tickets to this unforgettable experience.

Attend SantaCon
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Santa outfits, booze, and the big city — that is exactly what SantaCon is all about. If you're 21 and up, enjoy this festive bar crawl as you reap the benefits of drink specials, fun outfits, and of course, making friends along the way. Cheers with as many Santas as you can.

Visit The Union Square Holiday Market
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There's one universal language that never falters, no matter where you travel: shopping. I mean, you have to bring something back to the peeps you left at home, right? The Union Square Holiday Market has all types of things for you to purchase or simply look at, from coconut macarons and homemade marshmallows to artisanal crafts. And if you love those holiday shopping vibes with a hot chocolate in hand, this is right up your alley.

Join The Santa Suit 5K
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OK, maybe running isn't your first choice when you think of seasonal activities, but running in a Santa suit for a good cause is a different story.

The Santa Suit 5k in Prospect Park is a good time to meet people from all types of backgrounds, all coming together to feel that good ole runner's high. There's certainly nothing wrong with the gift of giving through running.

Check Out The Magical Holiday Window Displays
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Forget window shopping. The holiday window displays are like their own event in themselves. You won't even care that you are walking for blocks, because these windows are worth seeing on every corner. Yes, people actually get excited and surround these displays like it's Christmas morning.

Christmas time in New York City has so many different opportunities. Tie those shoestrings and find whatever notes of the holiday spirit you can. Happy holidays, everyone.