7 Things All Sisters Should Definitely Do Together While You're Still Single

Your sis is your best friend and number one, since day one. You have been by each other's side forever, and life has surely been an adventure for the both of you. That's why there are some things sisters should do together while still single. It's a fun time when you're both adulting and able to truly explore life on your own terms. You're single and not focused on a significant other just yet — and that's totally OK. This is your time to shine and focus on your "me time." Take that sisterhood bond, and kick it into high gear.

Your sister is the one person you would do anything with. Other friends you may be hesitant to jump on board with their crazy shenanigans, but you trust your sister with your life. If she wants to do something, you're down — no questions asked. If she came to you with any of these seven ideas, your first response would be, "When? I'm clearing my entire schedule."

Even if you're feeling a bit blue that you both haven't been swooped up just yet, refocus your energy into doing all of the things on your bucket list you've been wanting to do. You're single, fierce, and two sisters who are ready to take on any adventure life throws your way. Party on!

Dance The Night Away At A Club

Call up your sis and take those awesome dancing skills straight to the club. Rock that sparkly outfit you feel like a total queen in, and walk into the club prepared to have all eyes on you. "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn will be your jam, but you won't actually be alone because you have your sister.

Have As Many Sleepovers As You Possibly Can

Don't forget that Fridays and Saturdays are sleepover nights — not date nights. Set up a cozy mattress in the living room and stream your favorites like Spice World and She's All That with your sister BFF. Take advantage of those nights while you have them free to truly go back in time, and have some good ole' sleepovers together.

Travel To Places You've Never Been Before And Take A Break From Your Social Media Feeds

You both probably have a bucket list that's bursting at the seams with dream destinations. Now is the best time to check those places off, so get to it!

Travel to cool destinations you've never been before and take a breather from social media for a bit. Cleansing the mind and absorbing so much new culture will truly make you feel so fulfilled. Plus, you won't have to worry about checking in with a significant other when you're in a different country. I know how difficult it is to understand roaming charges, and finding decent Wi-Fi can be a struggle.

Be There For Each Other When You Get Your Dream Haircut

It could be a pixie cut or even mermaid rainbow hair. We all have that dream hair we've wanted to get, but are too chicken to just take that big step. You and your sis can be there for each other when you finally make the exciting leap.

You know your sis will be the most supportive person, telling you how great you look along the way. When you leave the salon, you'll be the two coolest-looking sisters in town.

Go On A Relaxing Cruise

A cruise can offer you both so much to do. You and your sister can lay out by the pool all day long, or my personal favorite, spend a day getting pampered at the spa. Most cruises have a luxurious spa onboard, and you and your sis need to treat yourselves. Take advantage of those couple's massage discounts together, and just relax — because we all know you deserve it.

Schedule Weekly Sister Time On Your Calendar

If you and your sis live close to each other, make Sunday brunch a weekly plan. Endless mimosas and beautiful, syrupy waffles? Yum!

If you don't live nearby, schedule some much-needed FaceTime. If you both happen to be watching the latest season of The Bachelor, make Monday nights your designated Skype, wine, and TV date. Once it's on the calendar, you know it's set in stone.

Check Out Different Workout Classes

There are truly some unique ways to work out nowadays — from aerial yoga to trampoline classes. You and your sister can push each other to try out any classes that speak to your soul. You don't really mind looking ridiculous in front of your sis if you're not that good at it, because at the end of the day, it's always a fun story and you'll make some new memories.