7 Things Meredith & Cristina Would Do On New Year's Eve If They Had No Plans

The question on many of our minds at this very moment is, "What the heck are my New Year's Eve plans?" This time of year, you really can't avoid it. Anytime someone asks you what you're doing, you bet you'll have the same response as your BFF. You wouldn't even think about celebrating the end of the year without your bestie by your side. She is the Cristina Yang to your Meredith Grey, aka, your person. If you're both unsure of what to do this year, there are things Meredith and Cristina from Grey's Anatomy would do on New Year's if they had no plans, that you can draw inspo from.

New Year's Eve is the last big bash of the year. It's supposed to be an exciting celebration, which is why a lot of people host parties and wear their favorite glittery outfits. Although, you don't need all of the extra glitter and bubbly to make your mark. All you really need is your best friend chilling next to you as the ball drops.

When you have your BFF, anything is possible, and these seven things Meredith and Cristina do on Grey's Anatomy are also things you and your bestie can do to ring in the New Year. Save the drama for Shondaland, because you and your bestie are set to embrace 2018 like the total girl bosses you are.

Grab A Chill Drink At Your Favorite Bar
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Just like Meredith and Cristina have their go-to spot near Seattle Grace, you and your bestie have your designated table at your fave local bar. You head there whenever you need a glass of wine and a venting session with your main girl, and for every celebratory birthday cheers. It's your special hang out place together, so naturally you would want to spend your New Year's Eve grabbing one last drink as you clink your glasses to the New Year.

Have An Old-Fashioned Sleepover
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Instead of partying the night away at a club, stay up late and have a sleepover with your main squeeze. Meredith and Cristina had so many sleepovers together. Some of them truly confused Derek, but Cristina is Meredith's person, and she comes first.

This NYE, you and your best friend should plan an old-fashioned sleepover, complete with cozy onesie pajamas, a blanket fort, watching the ball drop on TV, and staying up late talking about the trips you'd like to take together in the New Year.

Stream A Movie Marathon On The Couch

A nice relaxing New Year's at home with your BFF honestly sounds like a dream come true. It also sounds like you'll be saving lots of money not having to purchase a NYE dress you'll wear once or twice, and having to Uber everywhere with surge prices. All you need is your bestie, your most comfortable sweats, your favorite snacks, a bottle of wine, and a movie marathon. Sounds like one prime holiday to me.

Have A Tequila And Game Night
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Meredith and Cristina got through the hospital's softball game by drinking, so you and your bestie should throw a lit NYE game night together. If you're 21 and up, make the games a bit more interesting by drinking champagne, because obviously, it's essential to enjoy the bubbly on New Year's. Or, you can follow in Meredith and Cristina's footsteps by taking some tequila shots.

Avoid Any Relationship Drama And Make It A GNO With Your Single Ladies
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Meredith and Cristina have seen their fair share of relationship drama at Seattle Grace, and you really don't have time for that BS on New Year's Eve. It's all about having fun and embracing a fresh start, so make it a girls' night out with your BFFs. Just like Cristina was trying to avoid running into Owen, you can also try to avoid running into any people you don't want to see. Head to a wine bar, and focus on having fun with your squad.

Throw A Spontaneous Party At Your Apartment
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Throwing a last-minute New Year's Eve party at your place doesn't mean you need to stress out over every little detail. All you'll need for a good party is the right beats, drinks, aesthetic, and people. That's where Spotify, string lights, and several bottles of champagne come in handy. And when you have your best friend there, you already have everyone you need. Now, you can just let loose, talk about the good times, and have fun.

Finish The Year Off By Dancing It Out
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Dancing it out is Meredith and Cristina's thing. It's all about escaping reality for a bit and dancing with absolutely no worries or cares in the world. Put on your favorite party playlist, and dance around like no one is watching. You can even create a great Spotify playlist of all of your favorite songs from the past year. The party doesn't even have to stop once the clock strikes midnight. You can dance it out well into 2018.