7 Must-Dos To Check Off Your Bucket List On NYE In A New City

by Tessa Harvey

If there's something I've learned about embracing a new year, it's that New Year's Eve sets the tone for starting the New Year in front of you. Go ahead -- you can roll your eyes. It's a natural reaction. There's something so cliché about the day, and yet, there's also something refreshing. It's a chance to evaluate how things are going for you and how you can make them even better. It's not about changing you -- just getting yourself mentally prepped to make this year your best yet. So, if you're traveling with friends and looking for things for New Year's Eve in a new city, it's a perfect time to embrace new things for a new year.

What better way to kick off your New Year than by living it up in a place you've never been? Someone once put it to me this way: You've never been older, or younger, than you are in this moment. So, make the kick-off of 2018 something to remember. There are dozens of fun things to do in a city you've never been to.

So, whether you're with family celebrating your grandma's birthday, or with your closest friends, or popping some champagne solo, there's something extraordinary to plan. Get your festivities started with one (or two) of these ideas for your night in a new city on New Year's Eve.

Live Your Best Tourist Life

One of the best things about being in a completely new city has to be that you know literally no one. There's no reason to be self-conscious, or to dwell for a second on what others might think of your explorations, so take advantage of that! Hit up the local touristy apparel store and fully equip yourself and your crew in the best gear you can find. Take pictures everywhere. And please, don't forget to try as much local food as you can.

Find Somewhere To Dance Like No One's Watching

... Because, you can and you most definitely should. It's New Year's Eve, and everyone else is busy looking to kick off their own perfect new year. So, hit up the best dance place in town (hello, Yelp!), and work up a sweat letting your guard down and showing off your awesome moves.

Make The "It" Place Your Place

Is there a poppin' bar in town? All-night karaoke? Live music? Whatever the type of venue it may be, find out where the place to be is, and be there. Become a local for the night and embrace all that it means. The party doesn't actually start until you walk in, right? So let's get this party started!

Solidify City-Approved Brunch Plans

The morning after New Year's Eve (aka, New Year's Day), is also v. important, people. The local iHop or fast food chain are always comfortable options, but the touristy festivities don't have to stop when it hits midnight. Look for a local New Year' Day brunch, or a Blood Mary bar to try out with your squad. Invite any new friends you've made along the way.

Hit Up The Most Popular Landmark And 'Gram It Up

Every city may not be Paris, but every city has its own popular landmark. Basically, there's a shining spot wherever you might find yourself. Find the landmark in your temporary city, and make the most of it! Have an impromptu photoshoot, plan a late-night picnic nearby, or take the grand tour.

Find A Rooftop At Midnight

What's the one constant, no matter where you are on New Year's Eve? Fireworks. Whether you're in a big city or the middle of nowhere, you can be sure you'll find a night show or two to watch. If you can find a rooftop bar or restaurant, you scored double. Get the boomerang ready!

Make Improptu Friendships, If Just For The Night

Whether you're alone or with your best friend for the night, the key to a great evening is hanging out with great company. Dance the night away with whoever is rocking the dance floor, or share a dinner table with a few friendly peeps. You'll be friends for the night, and maybe even a lifetime.