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7 Instagram Pics Ideas That Channel Beth's Most Stylish 'Queen's Gambit' Moments

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Let's face it, Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit is not only a chess prodigy, but a style icon as well. Her fashion sense throughout the Netflix miniseries is as on board as her chess moves. Channeling that 1960s vibe, you can definitely recreate some of Beth's most memorable moments with The Queen's Gambit Instagram ideas. All you need is a little direction and inspiration to become the grandmaster of your own feed.

Despite the fact that the series only has seven episodes, there are more than a few stylish moments that truly stand out. For example, get your partner to snap a pic of you playing chess on the bed like Townes did in the show. If you prefer a more fashionable moment, wear a coat and matching beret as you take a walk in the park. There are even cute moments you can recreate with the Jolene to your Beth.

Anyone who has marathon-watched the show, like you, will immediately recognize what scene you're referencing, and it'll make them want to watch it all over again. Even if your friends haven't seen the show, they can admire the fashion forward content you're putting out there. You may just have to convince them to finally start the series, and you'll have yet another friend to totally gush over The Queen's Gambit with.

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The "Playing Chess In Bed" Pic

You could totally feel your heart skip a beat in episode three when Townes snaps pictures of Beth for the paper. Despite the moment being interrupted, he was able to capture some gorgeous pics of Beth playing chess on the bed. Have your partner take similar pictures of you playing chess with an Insta-worthy set ($34, Anthropologie).

The "Lounging Pensively On A Couch" Pic

Even when Beth is at her lowest, she still manages to look like she's posing for a fashion magazine. Try to recreate the scene from episode six when she's lounging on the couch, pensively looking at the ceiling. While wearing a cozy robe, have your roomie or friend snap a picture of you from above ($59, Urban Outfitters).

The "Bigger Than Life" Pic

After Beth's first big win, a reporter from Life magazine stops by her home for an interview. Holding up two trophies ($6, Party City) in your hands, you can recreate the same pose Beth does in your own bedroom. Or heck, you can even grab a couple bottles of champagne for the same winning effect.

The "Just Doing My Thing" Pic

Beth is a chess prodigy, and she continuously studies hard to be the best she can be. Even at competitions, she can be found in her room, getting cozy with a chess book in hand. Recreate these moments with a cute cardigan or sweater ($55, Knix), tea pot ($25, Target), and book to read, while sitting on your couch and being your own best self.

The "Contemplating Your Next Move" Pic

Get your chess board set up for this pose. You can really tell when Beth is plotting her next move in a game, because she stares intensely at the board, sometimes, with her head in her hands. Snap a pic of yourself with that same intensity while playing your own game. Be sure to wear a vintage A-line dress ($78, Unique Vintage) and a bold red lip ($19, MAC Cosmetics) to channel Beth's style.

The "Squash With Your Best Friend" Pic

Get the Jolene to your Beth to recreate the scene where these two besties play squash together. Wearing some cute athletic wear, like a tennis dress ($89, Athleta) and headband ($18, Lululemon), sit on the floor, leaning against a wall. Snap a candid of you two just talking and catching up.

The "Taking A Walk In The Park" Pic

Put on your fave coat and a matching beret ($7, Forever 21) to recreate the scene from episode seven where Beth takes a walk in the park. Don't forget a cat eye makeup lewk to go with your 1960s vibe. Have your partner or roomie walk ahead of you, so it really does look like you're walking into the camera.

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