'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 3 ended with a ton of questions still unanswered.

7 Questions 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Needs To Answer In Season 4

by Dylan Kickham
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The third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel followed a cross-country adventure for Midge, but that finale episode left fans with so many questions about what’s coming next. Season 3 brought Midge to a whole new level of her stand-up career as she toured the country with singer Shy Baldwin, but it also brought about some truly unexpected setbacks. The final episode is full of cliffhangers, so let's go over these The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 questions fans really need Season 4 to answer.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout Season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The Season 3 finale, "A Jewish Girl Walks into the Apollo..." is filled with a ton of twists and realizations that will totally impact the show in its potential fourth season. Most notably, there are multiple career and financial troubles in Midge's life that came to light as the season unfolded. It was revealed Susie had a major gambling problem and lost Midge's money. Then, even though Midge was able to shine at the Apollo Theater, she did so by making jokes about Shy Baldwin's sexuality, which led to Shy's manager Reggie immediately firing Midge from his tour. Jobs and money aside, there are also plenty of cliffhangers about Midge's love and family life, including questions about Joel, Abe, Rose, and even Lenny Bruce. Basically, Maisel fans have a lot to think about while waiting for Season 4.

1. Will Shy Re-Hire Midge?


Shy revealed to Midge in confidence that he was gay, after she found him beaten up on his boat. Later, when her nerves got the better of her at the Apollo, Midge mistook a signal from Reggie as a go-ahead to poke fun at Shy's sexuality in front of his hometown crowd, but the plan backfired and Midge was ousted from the tour. Shy and Midge had developed a very close connection prior to her disastrous Apollo set, so there may be hope for them to work things out, but it really doesn't seem like Midge is going to get back on that tour after what she did.

2. Is Susie In Love With Midge?

This question is a lot less clear than the first one, since it's more hinted at rather than ever truly expressed. Some moments in the final episodes of the season seemed to suggest Shy and Reggie may be in love, and in his talks with Susie, Reggie seemed to imply he thought Susie may have romantic feelings for her own client as well. In the last scene of the season, Reggie got teary-eyed as he fired Midge at Shy's behest, and he warned Susie she would find herself in the same position one day. Some Maisel fans have suspected Susie may have feelings for Midge from the start, especially since she has never been given even the hint of a romantic storyline with anyone, but others are pretty sure they just have really solid friend-love between them. Either way, these final Season 3 scenes could mean Season 4 will finally address this question.

3. Will Susie Lose All Of Midge's Money?

The big through-line for Susie in Season 3 was her developing gambling problem, which wound up costing her all of the money she and Midge had earned. Susie was able to make at least some of it back by collecting insurance money on her mother's house (which she burned down), and she also secretly asked Joel to take care of Midge's finances from now on so she would not be tempted to gamble her money away again. However, it might not be that easy, especially if she gets in trouble for insurance fraud.

4. Will Joel & Mei Stay Together?


Along with his new business venture, Joel also found a new girlfriend. Despite a brief argument, Joel and Mei ended Season 3 happily together, but there is always that question of whether he will go running back to Midge in the end. He did remarry her in Vegas, after all, and Susie also told him she knows he still loves Midge, so it doesn't seem like things are totally over between the exes.

5. Will Midge & Lenny Ever Get Together?

Speaking of possible love connections, Season 3 made it more clear than ever that Midge and Lenny Bruce have an undeniable spark, but right when it looked like they were finally going to hook up, they didn't. Although things are still kind of confusing with Joel, it definitely seems like Benjamin is no longer a romantic option, so Lenny may finally get his chance to really be with Midge — if that's what they both want, that is.

6. Will Rose & Abe's New Jobs Work Out?

Midge and Susie may have had some pretty nasty setbacks this season, but nobody had a worse time than Midge's parents. Having lost all their money, Rose and Abe had to do some serious soul-searching about what to do next, but in the Season 3 finale they seemed to finally find their respective callings. Rose became a matchmaker, while Abe was offered the theatre critic position at The Village Voice. But will these jobs get them back to some semblance of their old life, or will they remain down and out? Fans are hopeful for a good outcome here.

7. Will Sophie Get Revenge On Midge & Susie?

For a while, it looked like Sophie Lennon was going to actually be a friend rather than a foe to Midge and Susie, but that changed at the season's end. Despite a fair share of struggles, Susie was able to land Sophie her very own production of Miss Julie on Broadway, only for Sophie's nerves to get the better of her at the last minute, and she turned the play into her go-to comedy act. Susie let loose on Sophie, telling her she will never have the guts of someone like Midge, leaving Sophie to wallow in her failure. But viewers know too well Sophie has a penchant for vengeance, so how might she get back at her former manager and comedy rival in Season 4? Only time (and fans' active imaginations) will tell.

Amazon officially renewed The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for a fourth season at the end of 2019. If the series continues to follow its regular release pattern, the Season 4 should drop on Amazon at the end of 2020. However, with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting Hollywood productions in a big way, it's possible the release day could get pushed back further. Until the new seasons, whenever it may arrive, fans have a lot of questions to ponder.

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