7 Emotional Struggles Of Living With A Messy Roommate Who's Also Your Bestie

When your messy roommate also happens to be your bestie, you feel smack-dab in the middle of unorganized chaos all of the time. You love that girl tremendously, but when it comes to the neat and orderly department, she's not racking up any gold stars. You know the struggles of having a messy roommate all too well, because you always dread having to have a real sit down discussion about it, but it always ends up turning into a girl talk and Wine Wednesday sesh instead.

You don't want to overcrowd her with your nagging (though her mountain-high pile of laundry is doing most of the crowding), but you also want to be comfortable in your space. Let's just say you and your BFF are the epitome of opposites attracting, because for every tidy quality you have, there's a dirty dish in the sink to counteract it.

Don't get me wrong — these not-so-organized qualities of hers don't negate her friendship. She is your ride or die, and she's there to weather any storm with you. Granted, she did effortlessly sleep through the tornado that seemingly went through her room. How on earth does she find anything in there? If your bestie stores her secrets with you, but throws everything else underneath her bed and around her room, then you've got messy roommate struggles, and know these seven things to be true.

Finding Your Borrowed Shirt In Her Room Is Mission Impossible

Your BFF can raid your closet, no problem. The trouble comes when you want to wear that same shirt and attempt to find it in her room. The next thing you know, two hours have passed, and you're knees-deep in dirty laundry and unopened mail. The sad part is she knows her mess so well, she'll find that shirt without any issues.

Having A Serious Discussion About It... Is Also Impossible

So, you've decided to have a household meeting to discuss ways to keep your space cleaner. Of course she's cooperative, but then you two totally go off topic. You're suddenly on your second bottle of wine and discussing that date she went on two nights ago. Cleaning discussion, where art thou? #Fail.

Sometimes, Her Lack Of Tidiness Rubs Off On You

Normally you're cleaning up whatever mess your BFF leaves, especially in your kitchen. After awhile, though, you start slipping a bit and that little pile of dishes is becoming a group effort. You've gotta snap out of it quick, or else who's going to keep things in order?

You Ease Up A Lot Because She's Your BFF

If this were anyone else, you would be hounding them every second until they finally straightened up their act. This is your BFF, though. She's the same girl who wiped your snotty nose when you were crying after you had a bad day at work. Honestly, you feel like you owe it to her to overlook this hiccup.

You Have To Give Her BFF Ultimatums To Make Her Tidy Up

Your BFF loves your homemade brownies and when you French braid her hair just right. When desperate times call for desperate measures, you wager those two things in an effort to make her clean. Technically, it's not bribing because she gets something sweet and cute in return. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

You Want To Be Mad When You Trip Over Her Stuff, But Instead, You Two Laugh Hysterically

Let's be real: If you tripped over someone's stuff for the millionth time, you would be livid. Since this is your BFF, there's a small pause seconds after you almost eat it tripping over her shoes, followed by the two of you laughing so hard.

You Thoroughly Explain To Guests That She's Your BFF Before Anyone Can Pass Judgments

At the end of the day, that's your BFF. So, you feel obliged to explain that to guests, even your parents, before they scope out the place. You're not shacked up with some messy person you met on Craigslist. Messy? Yes, but that's your girl.

At least your messy roommate is also someone you can confide in and call a friend. Her room might be unorganized, but your friendship is clutter-free.