7 'Spring Breakers' Quotes For Instagram That Are Perfect For Your Party Pics


College students' annual migration down south for a week of spring break is approaching, and part of the preparation for spring break involves knowing what to do with your inevitable Instagram photos. Whether it be a picturesque view of a beach sunset or a close-up shot of your piña colada, you simply can't rely on a cutesy, innocent caption anymore when it comes to spring break. With the influence of the 2012 movie Spring Breakers, a true social media guru should be aware of the perfect Spring Breakers quotes for Instagram.

Given the risque nature of the movie, you may want to limit your usage of some of these quotes if your mom follows you on Instagram. Of course, also be careful if your posts instantly appear on your Facebook feed where relatives of varying closeness can see your spring break shenanigans. Once you've ensured that your grandma won't see anything that would dangerously raise her blood pressure, quote away!

While I don't recommend planning your spring break to the dangerous extremity that the plot of Spring Breakers emulates, it's nice to live vicariously through these quotes, which range from being completely absurd to just plain relevant. Here are seven of our favorites that are totally Insta-worthy.

"Spring break forever, b*tches."

Even if you haven't seen this movie, you've probably heard this line before. It's the most adaptable quote to any kind of spring break, even if you're just stuck at home and being ironic about hanging out with your parents all week. It's also perfect for your last Instagram photo of the week, emphasizing that these are memories you'll cherish for a lifetime.

"I'm starting to think this is the most spiritual place I've ever been."

Whether you chose to hit the beach or a more unique natural place for your break, your vacation spot is probably a beautiful setting that is vastly different from your normal campus surroundings.

"It's more than just spring break, it's our chance to see something different."

In this case, "seeing something different" can be as simple as discovering your love for an obscure type of alcohol. You're on vacation, so save the heavy stuff for next week when you're back at school.

"I'm spring broke!"

This one is very appropriate for that slightly hungover Instagram pic that you post while waiting for your flight home. You're bleary-eyed, you can barely find a snack cheap enough to buy before boarding, and you just remembered that one assignment you put off all month. And yet, you wouldn't change a thing.

“This one’s by a little known pop singer by the name of Miss Britney Spears. One of the greatest pop singers of all time and an angel if there ever was one on this earth.”

Is it really a millennial's spring break without a group singalong to "...Baby One More Time" at some point?

"I got shorts in every color!"

You can whip this one out when you and your squad are all rocking your multicolored shorts in a photo, but only and your friends will know that the quote is actually poking fun at all of the frat guys in their pastel board shorts.

"Rise and shine, little b*tch."

The days are long, and you are young and alive. Give yourself a lazy day over break if you really want to, but don't waste away your vacation by sleeping. Time to rise and shine!

Even if you decide to limit your phone usage on spring break, definitely embrace this opportunity to be that girl who quotes the most fitting movie to describe her vacation.