7 Reasons Why We All Need A BFF Like Sookie St. James From 'Gilmore Girls'

When we talk about Gilmore Girls, we usually reminisce about our main ladies, Rory and Lorelai, but we can't forget about the iconic Sookie St. James. She truly was the best friend we all wished we had, and will forever hold a special place in our hearts. The cheery and oftentimes clumsy BFF of Lorelai Gilmore was not only an amazing chef, but a great confidant for all of the Gilmore girls' adventures. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a bestie just like her, but these Sookie St. James Gilmore Girls moments had us all wishing she was in our girl crew.

We all love Melissa McCarthy, so it just makes sense that her Stars Hollow character is just as charming and wonderful. Sookie had us all laughing, and she was always there for Lorelai's constant drama in the best way possible. Now, if only we could find a way to climb into our TV sets so we could eat all of that delicious food she made.

We missed her a lot in the sequel series Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, but thank goodness she did make a brief appearance. Luckily, we have the entire series to stream over and over again on Netflix, so we can hang with our dream bestie. She truly is great, especially in these seven moments that showed us all the true potential of what a best friend can be.

When She Got Drunk Instead Of Fighting The Fried Turkey
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When it was Jackson's turn to make the turkey for Thanksgiving, he went for the frying technique which really irked gourmet chef, Sookie. A promise is a promise, though, and she let him have his way. Through the grief, she drank.

Sookie was absolutely hilarious in this scene, and we're still loving it. She'd be the best friend who — even when she's not exactly excited about something — would be a good time.

When She Had A Story You "Had To Be There" For
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Sookie was always a little clumsy. OK, a-lot-of clumsy. That's just part of her charm. We would oftentimes find her with a weird injury from the kitchen, but there was always an interesting story as to how she got it. A BFF like Sookie will never be without a fun anecdote.

When Lorelai And Sookie Sat In The Nosebleeds At The Bangles Concert

When Lorelai and Sookie gave up their good seats at The Bangles concert so Rory could hang with her new friends, they end up in the nosebleed section. Even though they could have been annoyed about the situation, instead, they made fun of it all and ended up laughing hysterically.

You know having a BFF like Sookie will make light of any bad situation. You may still end up crying, but it'll be from laughing so hard.

When She Made Lorelai A Gorgeous Wedding Cake
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When Lorelai was engaged to Max, of course, Sookie stepped in to make a beautiful wedding cake. I think we can all agree that Sookie is the kind of best friend who will make you a gorgeous four-tiered wedding cake, without you even asking her to. Just imagine the kind of snacks she would bring over for your girls' night in.

When She Made Lorelai Feel Better About Her Drunk Night
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After Lorelai's drunken adventure at Lane's wedding, Sookie was there the next day to help rehash what happened. She recounted how she tried helping her, and she also showed us that she's a great BFF who will help you out the next day when you're hungover AF. Any friend with a fresh pot of coffee is a true BFF.

When She Made Dessert So She Could Spy On Dean
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When Sookie heard about Rory's new boyfriend, Dean, she cleverly made some dessert for Lorelai and herself, so she could sneak a peek at the new guy. A great friend cares about you and your family, so this moment really solidified Sookie as being too cute when she went through this elaborate plan just to meet the new guy in Rory's life.

When She Tried To Knock Some Sense Into Lorelai
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Sookie saw what we all did, which was that Lorelai and Luke should be together. Luckily for us, Sookie was able to be honest with her BFF and tried to knock some sense into her about how she felt about Luke. We saw her time and time again try to help her friend notice what we we were all begging to happen through some solid advice. We can all kind of thank Sookie for Luke and Lorelai getting together.