7 Scary Halloween Costumes For Dogs That Are Hilariously Adorable

Deciding on the perfect costume for Halloween can be a real struggle. You're searching for something you love that's also on trend and will make you stand out on the 'Gram. As tough as it is finding the right costume for you, narrowing one down for your dog can be close to impossible. There are far too many adorable costumes to choose from for your furry friend. However, I think scary Halloween costumes for dogs is always the way to go.

Halloween is the time of year to embrace all things spooky. If scary movies are your thing, you probably can't wait for the cozy nights spent on your couch, streaming classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. Of course, this plan wouldn't be complete without cuddling close with your dog.

No matter where you fall on the horror movie-loving spectrum, you know a scary costume for your pup is a total win for Halloween. Seeing your adorable fur baby dressed as Pennywise from It is the hilarious combo you need to win the best costume award. So consider one of these seven "scary" costumes for your pup this year. The pics you take of your furry friend will have your friends laughing and saying "aww" at the same time.

This Pennywise Costume From 'It'

Pennywise is back and ready to haunt your nightmares. But as scary as this clown may be on the big screen, you can't help but smile when you see an adorable pupper dressed up like him for Halloween. (Plus, the balloon is such a funny touch.)

This Spider Costume

I usually scream at the sight of a spider, but I found myself aww-ing at this one instead. Even if you're a tad scared of spiders, you have to admit this spider dog costume is hilarious and adorable. Your pup will look super silly with the googly eyes on top.

This Cute Dracula Costume

Your dog can show up to the Halloween pawty as one of the OG monsters of the night: Dracula. Now this costume is cuteness overload.

This Freddy Krueger Costume

Freddy Krueger is an iconic horror movie villain. He may have been terrifying AF, but I'm sure any pup who's rocking this costume will receive all the applaws. There will be no nightmares here.

This Chucky Costume

Let's be honest: Costumes that make your dog look like they're walking on two feet from the front always make you LOL. Making it Chucky is on another level of (hilarious) spookiness for Halloween.

This Werewolf Costume

Who can be scared of a werewolf when they're this cute? No need for a full moon, because your pup can transform into a werewolf any night of the week with this Halloween costume. I love the addition of the ripped flannel and denim shorts, but seriously cannot get over the extra fuzzy paws that look like they're asking for one big hug.

This Adorable Dinosaur Costume

Your pup will try to look like a ferocious dinosaur in this "Pupasaurus Rex" costume, but it's really hard to be scared when there's a tiny dino head on top of such a cute pupper's face. You can caption your dog's pic with "Looking dino-mite!"