7 Seriously Relatable Moments From 'Gossip Girl' When Serena Was Blair's Person

When it comes to iconic friendships from television, we cannot forget the dynamic duo of Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl. These girls had a roller coaster-like friendship that had us all just wishing they would stop fighting over boys. Although, even when they were frenemies, they still loved each other immensely, and that's why they are each other's person. They may argue, but that won't ever stop them from being the soul sisters they were always meant to be. You might even compare them to you and your bestie when you watch certain super relatable moments from Gossip Girl.

You may even start referring to your best friend as the Serena to your Blair, because you know that what they have, you also have together. Your person is someone who will truly love you unconditionally, and just makes you feel whole. You know that anytime you hang out with your person, even if you are just re-watching episodes of Gossip Girl for the hundredth time, you are having the best time ever. That's why watching these seven moments in Gossip Girl with Serena and Blair will forever make you say, "same." Even though you may not be living the elite lifestyle of S and B in Manhattan, you know you are just as rich as them with a great friendship.

When Serena Took Blair On A Necessary Photo Shoot
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When Blair was feeling down, Serena swooped in to save the day. Of course, she knew exactly how to cheer her bestie up, which led to this super fun moment.

The girls headed to Central Park to take the cutest photos in coordinating dresses. This gem of a scene probably reminds you of all the times when you and your bestie went on an Instagram photo frenzy, snapping pics of each other out and about on the town (looking chic AF).

When They Went Shopping For Blair's Date
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When Blair met a mysterious dream guy in France, she enlisted the help of her bestie to go shopping. You've been there, done that, many times. Either you and your best friend have also gone shopping to find the perfect date night outfits, or your bestie has sent you texts of her potential date outfits for you to give your feedback. You know what it's like to be there as her fairy godmother, getting her ready for a magic night out (and she does the same for you).

When Serena Was There For Blair When She Needed Her Support The Most
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When Blair was incredibly upset on Thanksgiving, Serena was there to comfort her. A best friend knows exactly what is needed to make you feel better, and in this case, it was taking Blair away from her apartment. Watching this scene, you are reminded of all the times your person was there to rescue you from a difficult situation.

When They Faked A Fight To Get Back At Juliet
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OK, so maybe this one isn't as relatable on the surface, but the sentiment is something that you and your bestie have probably shared together. You know that your friend's enemies are your enemies. You have her back, and will do whatever it takes to make sure she comes out on top.

When Blair Told Serena That She Is Her Sister
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In this scene, the snippet that's incredibly relatable to you and your main squeeze is when Blair let Serena know that she's her sister, and she can tell her anything: "We're sisters, you're my family. What is you, is me." You may not be sisters by blood, but she is the family you have chosen to adopt into your life.

When Serena And Blair Were Reminded That They Could Get Through Anything Together
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After Blair broke up with Nate and Serena almost missed prom because her mother had her arrested, S and B could have been sulking and hosting a pity party. Instead, they were comforted in having each other there. Serena revealed she was with exactly who she wanted to be with, and that is her best friend. You know that when things get tough, the one person you want around you is your BFF.

When Blair Read Her Letter To Serena
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Even when Serena and Blair were fighting, we know that deep down, it's because they loved each other so much. Blair was mad at Serena for not saying goodbye, and Serena didn't say goodbye because she just didn't know how to. You and your person may argue, but you know it won't last, because you know how to talk it out and resolve things.