Here's Why Everyone's Traveling To Bali & You'll Want To Book A Flight, Too

by Ciara Johnson

Real talk: Bali is definitely the place to be at the moment. I just returned from a trip to this incredible slice of paradise, and I can totally see why travelers, digital nomads, and bloggers are hooked. If the amazing landscapes aren't enough to impress you, the people will warm your heart. Despite such a recent boost in tourism, you'll have a chance to witness so many authentic aspects of the Balinese way of life. If you're on the fence about booking your flight to Bali, then this article just might change your mind. Here are just a few reasons why you should book Bali for your next trip.

Deciding where to go is one of the most difficult travel decisions to make. Our world is full of so many beautiful places, so narrowing down your options can be a bit challenging. If you've noticed an endless amount of travel bloggers in Bali, then you're not alone. You might be wondering if this Indonesian island is as cool as it looks on the 'Gram. I can tell you that this island is full of attractions that keep people coming back for more. Bali, Indonesia is a travel destination that has so much to offer to travelers of every kind.

Breataking Landscapes
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From cascading waterfalls to volcanos, Bali is full of geological wonders. If you're feeling adventurous, you can hike to the top of Mount Batur to witness an incredible sunrise. You can trek through jungles to discover hidden waterfalls. Head to the South of Bali to surf on some of the best beaches on the island. Bali has a variety of landscapes that will make you fall head over heels in love with the region.

Heavenly Food
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Foodies will fall in love with Bali's foodie scene. You can enjoy authentic Balinese cuisine in a traditional "warung." According to, a warung serves local food, and these spots serve as great alternatives to restaurants that have fixed prices. You've gotta try their Nasi Goreng or Babi Guling. If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you'll swoon over the plethora of Instagrammable, health-conscious cafes in the Canggu area.

Legendary Art Markets
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People who love to shop: Rejoice! Bali is full of legendary art markets, so I hope your wallet is ready. You could spend hours wandering through handicraft-filled stalls. Purchase a painting to go in your living room, or bargain for that woven straw handbag you've seen all over your Instagram feed.

Lush Green Rice Terraces
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When you think of Bali, lush green rice fields likely come to mind. You can trek through the terraces or get a bird's eye view of the rice fields on the infamous "Bali Swing." Imagine wandering through these fields during sunrise as the sun peaks through the palm trees.

A Great Time And Place To Treat Yo' Self
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Forget about bath bombs, because Balinese flower baths are having a moment. Imagine soaking in an herbal, rose petal-filled bath tub after a traditional Balinese massage. Treat yo' self to a healing bath as you overlook Bali's natural landscapes.

Unique Accommodation Options
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Head to Bali if you've always dreamed of living in a treehouse. The island is full of unique accommodation options at affordable prices. You could find yourself living in a traditional Balinese home, sleeping in a jungle hideaway, or diving into the infinity pool at your villa.

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You can certainly splurge in Bali, but the country is also very affordable for budget travelers. You can find cheap hostels and home rentals will give you a great bang for your buck. When you eat local, you'll save money and indulge in traditional cuisine. You can enjoy the natural landscapes for free, or for a very low price. Let's just say, this destination is a perfect fit for every budget.