The Perks Of Being A "Real Adult" After College Are Unexpected & Pretty Amazing

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Legally, you're considered an adult as soon as you reach the age of 18, but for many of us, adulthood doesn't really kick in until after you graduate college. That's the moment when the rug is pulled out from underneath you, and you're facing adulthood head-on. As much as you miss college life and having your besties right down the hall from you, the real perks of being an adult come once you graduate. How amazing they make you feel is pretty unexpected, too.

Of course, the freedom that comes with adulthood factors into a lot of the perks, but it's much more than that. Now, you have a blank canvas to work with; you can paint it however you'd like. It's your time to spread your wings, fly, and embrace living your #bestlife. You're balancing work and your to-do list with your hobbies, passions, and social life, and you're doing a great job at it. (So give yourself a pat on the back ASAP.)

Now that you're navigating your way through adulthood, it's like you get a special benefits package handed to you that includes these seven things. You may have been considered a legal adult for years, but it's officially now that you're actually experiencing all the greatness that it has to offer.

Living In Your Own Place

You're no longer dealing with campus housing, and if you're not moving back home, it might be time to move into a your own apartment. You're not restricted by any dorm rules and can finally decorate your living space to your liking. It'll allow you to have a home that truly feels all your own.

Being In Complete Control Of Your Schedule
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You no longer have to wake up super early for a lecture, or spend your nights studying for exams — even on the weekends. You know that work is a constant, but besides that, you're in full control of your schedule.

That means you can take a yoga class before the workday begins, and hit up happy hour with your coworkers once you're off the clock. And as far as weekends are concerned — the possibilities are endless.

Working Towards Your Career Goals Like A #Boss
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The reason why you went to college was to prep yourself for taking on your dream job in the "real world." Now that you're officially an adult, it's time for you to go after those dreams of yours. You may start out in an entry-level position, but you're pumped about working towards your career goals every day. There's nothing getting in your way.

Deciding Where And When You Vacation

You've always been constrained to having vacation only when school was out of session. Now, you can really plan a trip wherever you want, anytime of the year. Let your wanderlust be your guide.

Deciding What Town Or City You Want To Live In
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After graduating, you can decide what town or city you want to embrace the "real world" in, which likely depends on where you land a job. You finally get to pack everything up and move to a big city like L.A. or New York, or even a small town with a whole lot of charm. Wherever your heart desires, you can consider calling your new "home sweet home."

Brunching With Your Friends Whenever You Want
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Once you turn 21, you can enjoy trendy mimosa brunches with your besties. It's fun to go out with your crew, and have a relaxing meal with a side of great conversation. It's also fun to try different dishes and Instagram-worthy cocktails.

Balancing Your Dream Career With Your Hobbies

The work-life balance is finally real. You're not only working towards achieving your dream job, but you're also having fun with your own hobbies on the side. That means filling up your day-to-day activities with everything that brings you the most joy — whether that may be a paint night with the crew, an aerial yoga class, joining a rec kickball league, or something else.