7 People Reveal Their Wedding Hookup Stories & OMG, They're So Hot
by Brittney Morgan

Weddings are pretty much always guaranteed to be an interesting time, especially when all of your friends from high school and college start getting married — it's like each wedding turns into a mini reunion. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll dance, you'll take advantage of the open bar — and maybe, just maybe, you'll connect with someone cute and single in the wedding party. Honestly, it's no wonder wedding hookup stories abound — a room full of people dressed to the nines and feeling cute, celebrating love, of all things? It's definitely a recipe for a little flirtation, at the very least.

It might seem like meeting someone at a wedding — whether it leads to a one night stand or an actual love connection — is a cliché (especially when you think about all the TV and movie moments in which someone winds up with a bridesmaid or a groomsman!). But apparently, these things happen all the time — and some of the real life stories are pretty steamy.

From unexpected encounters with a coworker (or even an old flame!) to a bridesmaid and groomsman getting it on in the same room as the bride and groom, here are some real wedding hookup stories from the people who have lived them, courtesy of reddit.

A Surprising Post-Wedding Sleepover
It was the wedding of one of my college friends and being that I was a poor, just-out-of-school, "adult" I opted to stay at my Dad's house for the weekend even though it was about 45 minutes away from the wedding venue. No big deal, as I am often the DD so I did not mind not drinking so I could drive home.
Well, it so happened that a few other people needed a place to crash that night (cannot remember details as to why) but I ended up taking a few people back to my Dad's house at like 2am. Fine, no big deal, I was going to sleep on the couch as I had put a super hot guy in my bed.
So there I am standing in the kitchen, still in my heels, drinking a glass of water, and reaching for the zipper on the back of my dress when a voice said, "need a hand with that". Well hello there stud! Why yes, yes, I did need a hand with my was a fun night and my favorite way if being hit on ever!


Hooking Up Next To The Bride & Groom
It's been a long time since I attended a wedding. When my best friend got married, I was a bridesmaid and I hooked up with the groomsman in the hotel afterward while the bride and groom were passed out drunk in the other bed. Groomsman was so sweet and gorgeous and I would have loved to keep seeing him but he lived far away. It was a great night, but that was 30 years ago now and I haven't had any wedding hookups since.


Leaving In The Middle Of Dinner...Multiple Times
I was newly separated.
I went to an old friend's wedding in Chicago. Being that the separation was so new, I went alone.
I had known my friend since law school. For a couple of years, we worked in the same firm together in DC. She ultimately moved to Chicago, where she was from, and met the guy who would become her husband.
There were only a few of us from our old law firm there at the wedding. My friend sat me next to one -- Christine. Christine had come with a friend.
There was a short reception between the wedding and the dinner, and I talked to Christine there, telling her of my divorce. By then, we each had had a few drinks. Her eyes got wide when I mentioned my divorce. "REALLY???" she said. I was too buzzed to register that as an odd reaction.
At dinner, we were seated next to each other. She was plainly drunk by this point. She started out rubbing my leg underneath the table before the salads were served. I quickly got the hint, and I think we excused ourselves to go upstairs to my room & fool around several times during dinner. We would leave, fool around for a little bit, come back downstairs, and repeat. I think I had two bites of my meal.


An Unexpected Coworker Encounter
I took a co worker of mine to a wedding as a date. We were pretty good friends and I thought it would just be nice to have arm candy and someone to drink with. At some point, I brought up playing strip twister. She said it wouldn't be fair because she wasn't wearing any underwear. We left fairly soon after that.


Rekindling An Old Flame
I did it the last wedding I went to. Pretty satisfying. It also happened to be with the girl I lost my virginity to, which made it both weird and funny. The reception also had this weird reverse flower toss game for the men where we all had to catch a garter that was tossed and the last guy left got all these stickers placed on them and girls were blindfolded and had to rip them off. So I got both laid and publicly molested.


Some Backseat Debauchery
I've had hot, disgusting sex in the backseats of cars the last two weddings I attended because I'm a lady. Gonna try for the hat trick in my next wedding this October.


A Post-Rehearsal Dinner Hookup
I was a groomsman in my friend's wedding. The rehearsal dinner was open bar. I woke up on the day of the wedding next to a naked bridesmaid and had no idea what her name was. Unfortunately, I had to spend the entire day taking pictures with this girl while all my friends are making the most obnoxious innuendos and jokes you can imagine. At breakfast the bride, who is one of my best friends, asked if I had sex with her bridesmaid. . . I said "all signs point to yes, but I honestly can't remember." She called me an ass and didn't speak until she got back from her honeymoon.


Some of these stories are awkward or funny, and some are just plain hot. In any case, if you've been lucky enough to get lucky at a wedding, hopefully you, too, have a good story to tell. And if you haven't yet, well, wedding season is upon us!

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