7 People Reveal Their Favorite Moves In Bed, & They Are Exactly What You’d Think

When it comes to sex, we all have different things that get us going. It's probably safe to assume that pretty much everyone has favorite moves in bed that really, really get them fired up. If we're being honest, hearing what other people are into between the sheets can be both fun and educational. At the end of the day, sex and other aspects of intimacy are a learning process with each new partner, and there's usually always something that could take things to the next level. Even if you've been with the same person for a while, trying out new ways to turn each other on is always a good call. Who knows? Your new move could end up becoming one of you or your partner's favorites.

If you're in the market for a new trick or two, you've probably already figured out that the internet is a gold mine. Not to mention, perusing the web for sex tips is v clutch thanks to the added comfort of anonymity. Here are some of the sex moves that people on reddit are into, and while they might not be the most surprising, apparently they are effective! So, the next time you're hooking up, it might be a nice surprise to pull one of these out of your back pocket.

The Pull-Away Kiss
My favorite technique which always makes things a bit more passionate, as I am kissing my partner, I will pull away slightly and let them graze their lips against mine before pulling away again, then press my lips firmly against theirs. I always get a good response from men with that one, it's a little playful and bratty.


Getting Your Nibble On
Best moves are foreplay moves. I'm a big proponent of ear and neck nibbling, hair stroking, and the whispering of pretty things. A good 'finishing move' I've found is to transition over a few poses until her legs are on my shoulders, then on the same shoulder, meaning that I can use one hand to hold her legs together and the other hand to stimulate her clit.


I do this move where I always make sure to communicate with my partner, make sure she is comfortable, ask for and give honest feedback and try to keep up with any demands and interests she might be developing so as to not take her for granted or let out sex life be complacent.


The Flip
Whenever my man is really going at it and knows he is close to cumming, he will flip me over so I am laying on my stomach... from there it's like modified laying down doggy-style.
Since he always insists on me finishing before him, this is an excellent way to make us both happy!


I hum very energetically while I'm going down on a woman — but I only start humming when she begins to come for the first time.
I gather the effect is like an elevation in sensation, which accelerates the first orgasm (and hopefully subsequent ones). And I guess it's kind of like a surprise too, because by that point in the session my partners think they've adjusted to what I can do with my lips and tongue...and then there's this added stimulation.


A Massage
I give my wife a massage as i straddle her legs and enter her. Mainly i just sit there and give her a massage, but theres just enough friction to keep me hard and apparently sex massages are amazing for her. Usually ends pretty well.


Ice Cube Play
One thing I've tried in the past is to hold an ice cube in my lips and start running the cube over her lips. Then gently down from there, sliding the cube all across her skin down to get nipples, one by one. Then slide from there down towards her nether regions but make sure to go through her navel and hold the cube there for a second or two. Then down to her pube, spread that thing all around. Then lower towards the inner thigh and ever so slowly move across the length of her thigh but on the inside.


The sky really is the limit when it comes to finding new ways to pleasure your partner. Exploring different tricks to keep things at maximum spiciness is a great way to keep the sexual connection between you and your partner strong. And in the process, you'll probably discover some new favorites to add to your arsenal.

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