These Minimalistic Tattoo Ideas Are Perfect To Celebrate Your Anniversary With Bae

Congratulations, you and bae have reached a big milestone in your relationship. It can be your first anniversary or your seventh together — either way, it is time to celebrate the love between you two. The usual go-to for an anniversary celebration might comprise of a fancy dinner, some flowers, and chocolates. Those are all great — believe me, I love chocolate just as much as the next person — but if you want to switch things up this year, think outside of the box. You may want to celebrate your anniversary with something that will truly last. That's why some of these minimalistic tattoo ideas are totally the way to go.

What better way to emphasize your love than with some ink? If you both have already been talking about getting tattoos together, there is no better time to do it than on your anniversary. A minimalistic tattoo feels like a little secret between you two, but it's also beautiful for other people to see. Plus, you'll beam when someone asks you about your tat, and you get to share the special meaning it has between you and your favorite person.

If you need some inspo on what to get inked, these seven subtle tattoos are way too sweet to pass up. Find something you both can agree on that represents how you feel about each other, and make it your own. I have an inkling this will be an anniversary to remember.

An Anchor When You Totally Ship You And Bae
bushfirehedghog on Twitter

Anchors can symbolize things like stability and strength. You feel totally grounded and safe with your partner, so they are like an anchor to you. That's why a cute design like this one could be the right choice to get on your hands together. Plus, nauti day will go by where you're not thinking of bae when you look down at your tat. Sorry for the pun — I had to.

When Your Bae Is The Moon To Your Sun
dynomite_skank on Twitter

Who doesn't love a good sun, moon, or star tattoo? They're simple designs, but can mean so much. For instance, you could get a tiny tat of a sun and moon on your fingers to show that bae is the sun to your moon. Or, maybe you get two stars to show that you'll always be shining for each other, even when you're light-years away.

Mickey And Minnie Tattoos That Are Truly Disney Magic
vanessa_b_xo on Twitter

The greatest couple in Hollywood is Mickey and Minnie, in my personal opinion. They have been together forever, and we can totally see why. Mickey just wouldn't be the same without his amazing, polka-dotted fashionista, Minnie. They go together like PB and J, just like you and your bae. Getting these minimalistic Mickey and Minnie tattoos can be placed just about anywhere on your bodies, and look totally magical.

Puzzle Pieces For When You Just Fit Together

You and bae go together like two puzzle pieces. My friend even once said about her SO that when she found him, it was like finding the only puzzle piece that could make her complete. I'm totally not crying over here — fine, I am. It's too cute, and so are these puzzle piece tattoos.

These Roses When You Want To Give Bae Your Final Rose
ryanfutterman on Twitter

Roses mean so much on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It can signify if someone is coming or going. In the real world outside of reality TV, you would totally give your bae the final rose every single day. You don't need Chris Harrison by your side. The decision has been made, and you are so happy. Plus, these infinity rose tats show that your love is endless.

Show Your Love Is Infinite With An Infinity Sign
inspiringkay on Twitter

Taking a cue from Buzz Lightyear, you love your partner "to infinity and beyond." Your love has no end, so an infinity sign is the way to go to show that off. I also adore the written "love" in the sign that symbolizes how your love is infinite. You and bae can customize your tats with whatever word best describes your relationship.

For When You're Just Two Love Birds
rachelxgoofyx on Twitter

I personally love a good bird tat, because they are simple and show off a carefree attitude. You and bae are two lovebirds who are just flying together without a care in the world. I love that these two birds are the same, but flying differently. It shows that you and bae are the same but also so unique, and that's why you work out so well.