7 Memes To Send Your Partner When You’re Low-Key Annoyed At Them

by Annie Foskett
Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On a scale of one to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, how non-confrontational are you? Are you the type to call out your boss' childish behavior, or are you more likely to go buy a new pack of LaCroix to replace yours that he stole from the fridge Monday through Friday of this week? (It's OK, keeping your job is a good move.) If you hate confrontation, there's a meme for that. In fact, there are memes to send, especially to your partner, for every occasion where you're just a tiny bit annoyed.

Did they forget to buy TP and leave you hanging (literally) over the toilet yet again? Did they tell you "don't buy the TP" even though you were at CVS because "it's their turn?" Is it two days later, and they haven't shown up with the goods?

While that sh*t's infuriating, you might not be up for a whole scuttlebutt (pun semi-intended) over some paper goods. This, my friend, is exactly when you should send your partner a meme to nudge them and say "I'm annoyed, but I don't want to make this a whole thing." Here are some of the best memes to send to your special person when they are driving you nuts:

1. For When They Forget To Buy The TP

When your partner can't do their house chores like an adult, the Arthur fist meme is your best bet. It's medium-harsh. Obviously, you're not going to punch your partner, but this meme says "get it together or else."

2. For When They Are A Little Bit Flirting With The Waitress

Michelle Obama's reaction to receiving a Tiffany's box from Melania Trump on inauguration day says "what in the f*ck does she think she's doing right now?" This ultimate side-eye is a good one to send to your partner via text under the table if you catch them checking out the waitress. They'll get it immediately. Michelle is not to be messed with. Plus, the distracted boyfriend meme is overused.

3. For When They Are Running Late To Dinner, Again...

Grumpy cat's OG photo will suffice to say it all when your partner is doing that-annoying-thing-they-always-seem-to-do yet again. If that bad habit happens to be showing up late for just about everything, rather than triple text them "ETA???", just send this face. They'll hurry their bum up.

4. For When They Forget Your Anniversary And Send A Million Apologies

Yes, anniversaries are important, but they are also just a day. If your partner forgets your anniversary, rather than have a massive screaming match, just reply to every apology text they send you with this Spongebob meme. A little harsh, but they forgot your darn anniversary. Torture them until they make it up to you, right?

5. For When They're Being Super Longwinded

OK, so the blinking guy meme can come across as a tiny bit mean, but if your partner won't stop texting or telling you all about their fantasy football team for the fourteenth time this week, this will work. It's a nice way to say "shut up already" without saying "shut up already." They'll understand it's time to tuck it in.

6. For When They're Whining About How Many Likes They Got On Their Latest Instagram

Remember when Hillary decided to go full savage on Twitter? Serve the same realness to your partner if they start obsessing over social media in any way, shape, or form. You don't have time for that, and neither do they. "Delete your account" is a perfectly straightforward way to say "enough."

7. For When They Ditch On Your Weekend Plans Last Minute

Yup, do like Obama and say "I'm going to have a great time without you" rather than nagging your partner for suddenly leaving you hanging this weekend. I have a feeling getting this awesome meme will remind your partner why they shouldn't have ditched their plans with you in the first place.

Admittedly, some of these memes are heavy on the sass, but they're also just strange images that have gone viral around the internet, so your partner can't take them too seriously. I think a solid meme is a great way to say "I'm annoyed" while still mitigating the situation. In a partnership, there are lots of things to fight over, so it's best not to get crazy over the little things. Instead, send a fire meme. (You are a millennial, after all.)

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