7 Memes That Really Hit Home If You've Been Single Forever

Let's be real: Single life definitely has its perks. Though, you probably fail to realize any of them until you're knee-deep in a committed relationship and have started taking turns leaving your Netflix and chill sanctuary to finally get toilet paper after using up all the Kleenex you could scavenge. There's no denying that a pretty big part of flying solo is lamenting over the fact that you are still on the market, and what better way to fully wallow than to go on an extreme meme-binge. This is pretty easy to manage, considering there are tons of cackle-worthy memes about being single out there that are real AF.

Sometimes, you just need something that perfectly communicates your feelings about a certain situation to power through, while somehow managing to stay positive. Don't get me wrong; you definitely don't need a boo to be happy. But having a shoulder to cry on and someone to buy you decadent treats when you're down and out certainly never hurt nobody. Even the strongest and most dedicated of relationship neigh-sayers have started singing a different tune now that we're in the icy depths of cuffing season. But fret not, my single brethren, because these very accurate memes are sure to keep you distracted until spring fever brings us back to life.

1. When You Just Started To Get Excited About Someone

Just when you thought this was the cuffing season you'd finally get to partake in with a new boo, you find that your main prospect was apparently just making a guest appearance. Honestly, though, at least you aren't obligated to constantly share your yummy fall treats with someone who, despite your nagging, keeps finishing the last of your pumpkin spice granola.

2. When You See Someone Lusting After A Cheesy Slice

Don't worry, it's not abnormal to feel jealous of food. We all want to end up with someone who looks at us like this girl's looking at that pie — that's true love right there.

3. When You've Just Started Seeing Someone New

You told yourself you were done with Tinder, but you thought you'd give it one last go before throwing in the towel. All seemed well... until your match's true colors couldn't help but start shinin'. Bye.

4. When You're Feeling Like A Prize

Sometimes, the only thing you need to remind yourself what a catch you are is to treat yourself. Not everyone has the resources necessary to keep up with someone so fly.

5. When The Questions Won't Stop

I can't even believe people — mainly your least favorite aunt or uncle at Thanksgiving — are still asking "why?" Because that's the way it is, Aunt Deb, why are you still single, hmm?

6. When Valentine's Day Is Coming

Not to sound bitter, but we all know Valentine's Day is a totally fake holiday invented by candy companies to boost revenue. But I mean, I'll never turn down a bougie meal and a box of chocolates, just sayin'.

7. When You're At The Club

It feels strangely empowering to shut down some of your new, albeit kind of creepy, admirers when you're at the club and popping and locking like the queen of the dance floor

Just like being in a relationship, singledom totally has its pros and cons, but there's no use in wasting too much of your precious energy sweating the small stuff.

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