7 Lyrics From The 'Legally Blonde' Musical That Sum Up Your 'Legally Blonde 3' Excitement

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Look back at any hit movie from the early 2000s and you'll probably find that a musical adaptation of the film eventually made its way to the Broadway stage. Legally Blonde was no exception, as its stage musical opened on Broadway in 2007 and scored seven Tony nominations that year. The show ran until 2008, but for theatre fans and Legally Blonde lovers alike, its boppy lyrics and empowering message lived on and created quite the legacy. What with Elle Woods' story soon continuing in another Legally Blonde sequel, what better way to celebrate than with these lyrics from the Legally Blonde musical that totally sum up your excitement about Legally Blonde 3?

If you missed the show's run in New York or in touring venues across the country, full, totally legal videos of the original production are currently on YouTube (thanks, MTV!). The musical even made its way to London's West End and several other countries, so there's always a good chance of finding a new production elsewhere in the world. Another hidden gem that's online is the majority of the 2008 MTV series The Search for Elle Woods, which documented the quest to find a replacement for the first Broadway actress who played Elle. I just had my own binge of the show and lived for its old-school reality competition format, so 10/10 would recommend.

If you can't commit to watching either of these right now, that's what the insanely catchy Legally Blonde cast recording is for. Reese Witherspoon might not burst into song at any point in Legally Blonde 3, but if the idea is ever on the table, let's hope she turns to some of these lyrics for musical inspiration.

"Omigod / Omigod you guys / Looks like Elle's gonna win the prize...See, dreams really do come true / You never have to compromise."
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In true Delta Nu fashion, Elle's sorority girls are the first ones to welcome the audience in the Legally Blonde musical. While their excitement is actually about them thinking Warner will propose to Elle, the peppy lyrics of "Omigod You Guys" totally apply to our thrill about Witherspoon appearing in another Legally Blonde movie. Nowadays, never say never when it comes to movie or TV continuations, and staying optimistic will ensure that "you never have to compromise" for your reboot dreams to come true.

"I've got some dreams to make true / I've got the future all planned / It's time to get serious / Time to get serious with you."

The song "Serious" ends with Warner dumping Elle, but I'm choosing to interpret this particular line as tossing away the uncertainty and getting serious about what Legally Blonde 3 could add to Elle Woods' story. Does she have kids? Did she open a fashion boutique as a passion project? What kind of legal cases has she won? The possibilities are endless, but luckily we'll receive some answers in Legally Blonde 3.

"What you want is right in front of you, front of you."
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I mean, this one's obvious, right? We always wanted a better ending for Elle than that of the lukewarm Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, and now we're getting it. "What You Want" hits the mark on fans finally getting what they deserve.

"There's a chip on my shoulder / And it's big as a boulder / With the chance I've been given / I'm gonna be driven as hell / I'm so close I can taste it / So I'm not gonna waste it / Yeah, there's a chip on my shoulder / You might wanna get one as well."
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So the Brits happened to love the Legally Blonde musical. The show ran for a little less than three years in the West End, London's Broadway equivalent, and judging by fans' reactions in this video of a live West End event, audiences were seriously obsessed. But it's songs like "Chip On My Shoulder" that helped the musical become so beloved. The song essentially preaches the value of using your obstacles as fuel to reach your goals. While we don't know how much of fans' opinions were taken into amount in official discussions about Film 3, we can always pretend that our desire for another movie helped us "fight" to get it.

"Maybe you will change your mind / But you might look up to find / I've moved on to better things / Better jobs and bigger rings / I don't have the time to cry / I'm too busy loving / My name up on that list."
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"So Much Better," capturing Elle's exhilarated reaction to being selected for Professor Callahan's internship, is honestly one of my personal power ballads. Play it whenever you've hit a career milestone, scored your dream date, or even just experienced a tiny victory during an otherwise dull and ordinary day. In this case, the victory is that we've moved on from random movies' terrible attempts at recreating Legally Blonde's magic and finally reached the promise of more genuine Witherspoon-as-Woods whimsy.

"Jump on your feet, 'cause she's legally blonde / You've got a right to be legally blonde / You've gotta fight to be legally blonde."
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The finale number of Legally Blonde is quite epic, and this chorus line sums up what the story is all about. At the end of the day, all we want is an excuse to dive back into the Legally Blonde world and see Elle dish out more quality life advice. Fans everywhere have "a right to be legally blonde," and hopefully Legally Blonde 3 will inspire more moviegoers to be whoever they want to be.

"Back in the game / Back to the trial / But I'm going back in my style."

This is another crystal-clear message from the musical's finale. Elle Woods is coming back in style!

Legally Blonde 3 is in theaters on Feb. 14, 2020.