7 Clever, Low-Key Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Effortlessly Spooky & Cool AF

Not everyone has the time, energy, or even desire to spend months planning their Halloween costume with tons of DIY arts and crafts. Not to mention, after a long Tuesday at work (that's right guys, Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, God help us all), the last thing you might want to do is wiggle into a Yeti bodysuit, or layer on pounds of makeup and face paint. Sometimes low-key Halloween costumes are simply the better way to go about celebrating this spooky holiday.

I'll admit, for as much as I love Halloween, I have definitely taken the easy road plenty of times for the sake of ease and comfort. And when I did, I still accomplished a totally acceptable level of "dressed up" for a costume party. I don't think I've ever gotten as many compliments as the year I went as a blanket when I was fighting a cold. I got even more laughs and high-fives than the time that I had a very detailed mom-made poodle costume. Go figure, right?

But trust me when I say you can absolutely take it easy this Halloween while still sporting an awesome, clever, creepy, and totally low-key costume.

Here's a little inspiration to get your brain in Halloween mode.

Evil Librarian
Candlewick Press on Twitter

While most librarian costumes veer toward "sexy," this one's all about darker, more sinister vibes.

Put on your best sweater, a pocket protector, and a pair of glasses. Now clutch your favorite Tolstoy in one hand, and a bloody knife in the other.

Angel Of Death
Hot Topic

Black Angel Wings, $18.32, Hot Topic

Get yourself a pair of black wings to go with your all black outfit, and put on some black lipstick to complete the look. Not only can you relive and celebrate your goth days with this costume, but you'll also embody that one thing none of us can possibly get away from (aka death).

Can you get any creepier with this costume? No. But you can't get much easier, either.

Kira cooper on Twitter

See how simple this costume is? And yet, it truly delights the children. Chances are, you probably have everything that could make you into a bona fide cowgirl: jeans, a belt, and a flannel. Of course, you'll need the signature hat, which you can definitely grab at your local costume shop.

If you want to make it sinister, get some bloody rope to complete the ensemble.

A Hacker
BIZBoost™ 🚀 on Twitter

What does a hacker actually look like? I really don't know, TBH.

But one could use the popular interpretation illustrated by Mr. Robot as a starting point for a costume. All you really need is a massive black hoodie and a backpack, and maybe a cardboard cutout of a laptop to slide under your arm if you're feeling crafty about it.

Good Hygiene
Women's Robe - Gilligan & O'Malley, $24.95, Target

If you don't feel crafty this Halloween, get clean instead!

With a pristine white robe, and combed back, slightly wet hair, you'll have the cleanest and comfiest costume at the party.

Gone-dola Girl
Lorna Jane Tooley on Twitter

We all know the classic gondola costume: striped shirt, that cute straw hat.

But add some super dark and smudgy eye makeup and a knife — or maybe even a bloodied paddle — to give it some major spook.

Your Own Cheerleader
Annakeara Stinson

Oh hey there, it me. My mom made this costume for me when I was a little girl, and yeah, maybe it's not creepy or spooky, but trust me, you don't always have to be on Halloween.

If you're looking to create this ensemble for yourself this All Hallows' Eve on a really low-key level, simply put your own initials on a sweatshirt.

Besides, being your own biggest fan is always a good thing to practice in life, right?