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7 Lewds To Send A Scorpio That Are Venomously Hot

If there was a superlative for Most Horny Zodiac Sign, Scorpio would definitely snag it. This sign notoriously oozes sex appeal and is always down to explore their carnal desires. If you're wondering what kind of lewds to send a Scorpio, know it doesn't take much to turn them on. They've got one hell of a NSFW imagination, so any spicy pic will elicit an enthusiastic response.

Still, Scorpio is a deep thinker who loves intrigue. To get truly get this sign going, tease them and lean into the mystery by looking more closely at this sign's astrological traits. Once you've asked for consent to sext, get into these iconic lewds to send Scorpio babes.

1. A Mesh Moment

Every zodiac sign corresponds with a part of the human body. A major reason why Scorpio is more sexual than other signs is because their sign rules the reproductive system and sex organs. So a shot of your chest through a mesh shirt or bra would be just the thing to tease your Scorpio partner.

2. A Soft, Cute Tummy Tease

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Scorpio often has an air of mystery around them — and honestly, if you're sexting one, their dark, sexy aura is likely what drew you in. Turn the tables and pique their curiosity with a snap of your tummy in whatever cute outfit you have on. They'll probably text you back something like, "I want to bite your stomach," and well, you get the rest.

3. A Hint Of What's To Come

Teasing is the name of the game here. Pop a few buttons and show off your cleavage, chest hair, or whatever you're packing under there.

4. A Bit Of Booty

Sure, you can send photos of your bare behind, but if lewds are what you're comfortable with, you can just as easily make Scorpio's day with a creative booty shot. Sit on the counter of your bathroom sink and take a mirror pic, do the trick with your phone's self-timer, or throw it back in your room's full-length mirror. Fair warning: Results will be drool-worthy.

5. A Pre Or Post-Shower Pic

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Something to keep in mind: Scorpio is a water sign, meaning they feel right at home in oceans, pools, hot tubs, and showers. Send them a snap of you wrapped up in a towel and ask them what they'd do to you in the shower.

6. A Bikini Selfie

Likewise, a bikini shot isn't a bad idea for this aquatically inclined, horny sign.

7. A Fit Featuring A Harness

If you'd like to appeal to your Scorpio babe's edge, send them the ultimate, sexy, fully-clothed lewd: Your regular fit, with a harness thrown over it. You'll see just what kind of stories that devious Scorpio imagination can come up with.

If ever there's a zodiac sign who appreciates sexy pics, it's Scorpio. But with the following lewd ideas, you can up your sexting game and rile up your water-born partner.