7 Lazy First Date Ideas That'll Still Get You To A Second Date

First dates stress me out. There is so much pressure and expectation in a first date. No matter how much I try to take my nerves down a notch and keep it cool, internally, the struggle remains real. So having any advantage in that battle is welcome. One way to immediately lower the stakes is to opt for a date activity that has an easy-breezy vibe, which is why I love lazy first date ideas.

Let's be honest: Most first dates have a tendency to, shall we say, underwhelm? Perhaps the best tactic is to just chill the eff out. Choose a date that's low pressure, but still has the potential to be romantic, if your date turns out to be someone you want to get all romantic with. These are the types of scenarios that give you an opportunity and the setting to connect if the vibe is there, but won’t require you to perform. And honestly, if this date goes well, these are the kinds of activities you end up doing anyway, so you might as well find out if this is the kind of person you just want to chill with from the jump. Here's how to do a first date the right way — romantic and lazy, that is.

1. Go For A Scenic Drive Together

The reason going for a drive is actually kind of a great date idea is that you have privacy and totally control of the vibe. You can pick the music and choose the scenery, and you can wrap it up as quickly or slowly as you choose — depending on traffic conditions, of course.

2. Grab A Drink At Your Favorite Chill Bar

Do you have a favorite place to grab a drink? Somewhere you feel relaxed and at home? Maybe it’s not as cool as the trendy spot with the advanced muddling mixologist behind the bar, but you know you can get a solid cocktail or a craft beer. There is nothing wrong with picking a date where you have home-field advantage and that already sets you at ease. And if you are feeling each other, you can always disappear into one of the booths in the corner.

3. Go For The Classic: A Walk In The Park

There is a reason that the phrase "it’s a walk in the park" means easy, and that's because it’s one of the chillest things you can do. The setting has plenty of opportunity for romance with the right person, and it’s a low-stress scenario.

4. Grab A Cup Of Coffee At A Cat Cafe

Grabbing coffee is a pretty standard first date, but add a cat cafe and you’ve got yourself a great first date. It’s been proven that petting cats lowers your blood pressure and stress level. Plus, if the date goes poorly, at least you got to play with kittens. Automatic win.

5. Play Board Games Together

Board games and puzzles are totally underrated. What makes them great first date material is that they add some relaxed structure to the date, so that if you find yourself in an awkward silence, you have something to fill the space. Plus, they are just fun.

6. Opt For Old School With An Ice Cream Date

Maybe it’s corny, but an ice cream date, especially if one or both of you don’t drink, is actually a really cute and chill (pun intended) way to initially get to know one another. Plus, studies show eating something sweet actually increases your likelihood of feeling romantic.

7. Catch A Movie At The Drive-In

Going to the movies on a date is classic and low-key, but it's not the most romantic. You're surrounded by strangers loudly munching popcorn. Not hot. However, head to the drive-in, and suddenly, you have all the benefits of a movie date, but with more, ahem, privacy if you're feeling it.

See, you don’t have to make a big production out of a first date. If anything, trying too hard is a recipe for failure. The whole point of a date is to try and get to know someone and to see if there is any potential for a future. So do yourself a favor, and the next time you swipe a hard right, pick a date that is low-key and fun.

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