If You Live In LA & Have Zero Plans Friday Night, These Last-Minute Ideas Are Game-Changers

It's Friday night, and you're just realizing that you have absolutely nothing to do. You may have initially thought of opting for a night in, but now, you're full of energy and are game to go out. Or perhaps you and your bestie haven't had time for plans, and are finally both free. Now, you're just trying to figure out WTF to do tonight. That's when you need a few last-minute things to do in LA, and I'm here to help you out with that.

As someone who procrastinates her Friday nights literally every week, I'm the perfect planner for last-minute fun. While I normally opt for a night in streaming Netflix, there are times when I just want to dress up and go out. Actually, these seven activities are part of my go-to Friday night plans in Los Angeles. They're a fun mix for your entire squad, or make for cute date night ideas with bae. There's something on here for a foodie who wants to try something new, and someone who wants to snag quality content for the 'Gram. This is also a great list for someone who's visiting LA and is looking to explore like a local.

Whatever your situation may be, you don't have to fret at all when you see that blank calendar. Now, you have a ton of fun right in your back pocket.

See A Movie At Vista Theatre
Studio Firma/Stocksy

It's not difficult to believe that Hollywood is known for its amazing movie theaters. For a last-minute Friday night spent with friends, you can see whatever's playing at the vintage Vista Theatre. Tickets are cheap and only available at the box office (although states that movie-goers will be able to buy tickets online soon).

Catch A Comedy Show At Any Of The UCB Theatres
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If you're into comedy, you might want to hit up an improv show at an Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA. There's always something fun going on. You could even check out the Inner Sanctum café and stage, which has free shows all night.

Round Up The Crew For Karaoke In Koreatown
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Stop for some Korean BBQ first, then rent out a room for potentially the best karaoke experience ever. (Let's be honest: You'll love belting out your favorite throwback boy band songs with your besties all night long.)

Take A Stroll To Eat Ice Cream At Ample Hills

If you're a foodie with a major sweet tooth, you won't regret stopping at Ample Hills Creamery's Los Feliz scoop shop for ice cream. You can swing on the porch swing while savoring a couple scoops of Ooey Gooey Butter Cake ice cream.

Capture The Perfect Insta At Urban Light
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If you're looking to do something for the 'Gram, grab your friends and head on over to the LACMA. They have an amazing installation called Urban Light that consists of a bunch of tall, beautiful lamps. You'll have a fun Instagram photo shoot taking lots of selfies and squad snaps.

Have A Squad Dinner At BCD Tofu House
maeching chaiwongwatthana/Shutterstock

If you're a foodie, you'll really enjoy BCD Tofu House. They have amazing Korean tofu soup and BBQ that your palate will absolutely fall in love with. The best part? They're open 24 hours, so you can go later in the night after hitting up a bar (if you're 21 or up).

Head To The Santa Monica Pier To Take In The Ocean Views

If you have nothing planned, you can always hop in the car, head out of LA for a little bit, and head to the beach. Check out the Santa Monica pier and marvel at how pretty it is at night with all the neon lights. You could even visit Pacific Park and ride the Ferris wheel if you've never done it before