7 Last-Minute Mother's Day Beauty Gift Ideas To Totally Pamper Your Mom

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The second Sunday in May is always reserved for the celebration of moms and motherly figures. But Mother’s Day has a habit of sneaking up on everyone. And although moms are some of the best people in the world, they can be impossible to shop for sometimes. But pretty much everyone loves to be pampered. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift to get for Mother’s Day, there are some amazing beauty gifts you can get for your mom — and you can give them to her totally virtually.

You’d think that getting a gift for someone you’ve known your entire life wouldn’t be so hard, but it is. For someone who deserves the world, a card, or a gift without at least some thought behind it just doesn’t feel like enough. When the grand ideas just aren’t flowing, maybe it’s best to get your mom and motherly figures some time to themselves.

Seriously, who doesn’t love a spa day? Whether your maternal figure prefers massages, manicures, or facials, there are so many ways to make them feel like a queen. Getting your mom a gift card for a beauty service allows her to carve out time in the future to treat herself when she needs it most. And, if you want your gift to arrive on time and not pay for expedited shipping, gift cards or virtual gifts are a great option. So, for the mom who loves and deserves self-care, here are some last-minute beauty gifts for Mother’s Day.

A Sephora Gift Card

If your maternal figure prizes her skincare routine above all, a Sephora gift card will come in handy for her. Your mom can treat herself to her favorite beauty items, so you don’t have to play the guessing game.

An Ulta Beauty Gift Card

With an Ulta Beauty gift card, the world is your mom’s oyster. She can indulge in face masks, new beauty products, or whatever else catches her fancy. An Ulta gift card even works for in-store services, like the skin bar or the salon. If your mom is anything like mine, she’ll probably hoard the card for a while until picking out the ultimate luxury product.

A Hair Salon Gift Card

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There’s pretty much nothing more calming than the feeling of a hairstylist massaging your scalp over a sink in a salon. That’s just a whole other level of relaxation. Call up your mom’s favorite hair salon and see if they offer gift cards — you’ll be supporting her fave stylist in the process.

A Massage Gift Card

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For a tense mom, a massage is just what the doctor ordered, the ultimate treat-yourself gift out there. See if she has a preferred masseuse or spa, and if not, do some Googling or ask around. Then, secure a gift card.

A Mani/Pedi Gift Card

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Getting a manicure and pedicure can become a vital part of a person’s routine. Whether your mom gets her nails done like clockwork or only for special occasions, a manicure is perfect for the mom who loves pampering as much as the mom who doesn’t. It’s also a great activity to do together if you want more bonding time.

A Facial Gift Card

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A facial is a must for any self-care queen. The treatment will leave your mom feeling totally fresh and rejuvenated. And just think, a massage may give your mom a relaxed hour, but a facial will leave her glowing for weeks.

An Eyebrow Service Gift Card


Giving your maternal figure an eyebrow wax or threading session may not seem like the message you want to send, but everyone knows eyebrow maintenance can be a huge money suck. So, take care of your mom’s next sesh by getting her a gift card for eyebrow or eyelash tinting. The process shapes and makes eyebrows appear thicker, without the pain of waxing