Saddle Up: Here's Everything You Need For Your Kentucky Derby Bash This Weekend

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Saddle up, because Kentucky is about to be Mint Julep and whimsical hat central this weekend. On Saturday, May 5, thousands of people clad in pastel button-downs and sundresses will flock to Louisville's Churchill Downs Racetrack to take part in The Kentucky Derby. If you're not able to make it to the racetrack this year, consider hosting a party at home so you can join in on the fun. You may have the basic Kentucky Derby party ideas down pat, but it couldn't hurt to get even more creative this time around. There's no such thing as being too extra when it comes to planning a party, am I right?

You'll need to incorporate The Kentucky Derby flair in your food spread, decorations, and refreshing adult beverages. With these party ideas, it'll seem like you're actually celebrating in Kentucky with your friends. There's so much that goes into this elaborate affair that should definitely make an appearance at your party, because why not?

The race may be a short one, but there's no way your party is going to have an early end time. Consider these seven options for your party, and you'll be saddling up for quite the rager.

The Perfect Mint Julep Recipe
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According to, around 120,000 Mint Juleps are served throughout the course of the weekend at the racetrack every year. Perfecting this trademark drink at your party is a must, so try to play around with a few different recipes beforehand.

Don't Forget To Serve Kentucky Hot Browns
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The best way to know a city or a town is through the food. That's why you should include a few Kentucky favorites at your party.

The Kentucky Hot Brown is an open-faced turkey sandwich that originated at the The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. It consists of yummy ingredients: Texas toast, bacon, and cheese. Yes, I know you're already drooling. You'll need to make a good amount of these, because your guests will want seconds.

Make Sure Your Hat Game Is On Point
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If you're stressing out about making an Instagram-worthy hat for your bash, don't fret. This video of Christine Moore, a featured milliner for this year's Kentucky Derby, should help you out. Have fun with it, and make sure you choose a vibrant color that'll pop in your selfies — because if there aren't pics of this party, did it even happen?

The Whiskey Sour Is Ready To Get The Party Started
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Who doesn't love a good ole' whiskey sour? To really get into the theme of things, make sure to use Kentucky bourbon. There will be plenty of it flowing at the event this upcoming weekend, and your guests will approve.

Red Rose Decor Is Essential
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In honor of the "Run for the Roses," you should make rose-themed centerpieces or a rose backdrop for pictures. If you can recruit some of your friends to help out, try to make a bunch of these picture-perfect paper roses. It's a time-consuming DIY project, but it will be so worth it when it's party time.

Your Guests Will Love These Kentucky Bourbon Balls
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Dessert is served! According to Epicurious, Bourbon Balls were created all the way back in 1938. Get a mouthful of pecans, powdered sugar, and dark chocolate in each bite. They're so easy to serve and convenient for your guests to eat while they're cheering on the race. This dessert is certain to be a crowd favorite.

Origami Horses
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OK, it's time to get super extra here. It's your party and you can be over-the-top if you want to.

Origami horses are a must to decorate the tables with. You're looking to make your party unforgettable, and with help from these paper horses, it will be. You can even go as far as painting them in different shades of brown or black.

When people show up at your party, they'll be pinching themselves to make sure they didn't teleport to Kentucky. It's time to bring this awesome event and all of its festivities to your home sweet home.