7 Hottest Honeymoon Destinations For 2018 That Are Worth Another "I Do"

Time flies by so quickly when you get engaged. First, you're watching the love of your life get down on one knee and ask for your hand in marriage, then you're walking down the aisle, and saying "I do." By the time it gets to the honeymoon, you're winded AF and want to cherish the moments as much as possible. Well, it's your turn to be at one of the hottest honeymoon destinations for 2018 and soak in all of those newlywed feels.

You and your hubby or wife deserve the best, and no matter how chaotic or stressful the wedding was, you're kissing that time goodbye and falling into one-on-one bliss at an amazing location. Of course, any honeymoon with the two of you would be so, so fun. Still, you certainly want to know what the best destinations are for your particular time frame.

These honeymoon locations slightly change by the year, because couples and venues are always discovering new and exciting ways to host honeymooners. Lucky for you, it's a tradition that will seemingly never die out. And since you two are going to be the ones reaping all of the benefits, you might as well see what various places have to offer you and your SO. If you're still peeping for honeymoon locations, 2018 has got you covered.

Mykonos, Greece
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Pack your passports and head to those tranquil beaches in Mykonos, Greece. That blue water is so inviting, you'll want to keep rotating between taking a dip and then lounging and relaxing in the cabana with your SO. Take in the city by walking on foot and exploring the beautiful gems around every corner.

Galápagos Islands
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You don't have to be a Charles Darwin fan to know that the Galápagos Islands are one of the most enchanting places ever. Explore nature and see wildlife that you only thought existed on Discovery Channel. Take a dip and make an animal friend or two down below.

Ibiza, Spain
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Can't get enough of those epic coastline views? Ibiza has more than 100 miles of coastline, which means the beach opportunities will be seemingly endless. Also, don't sleep on the nightlife fun when everyone takes the entertainment from the beaches and plants it elsewhere. Your honeymoon calls for a ton of celebrating, after all.

Amalfi Coast, Italy
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Europe is so dope because many countries are close enough together that you can take a day trip and commute between them. The Amalfi Coast is not too far from Rome. Although, know that it might be difficult to stray from all of the hypnotizing scenery. Between boat tours and eating incredible seafood, you two are going to want to fit in everything you possibly can.

Anchorage, Alaska
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OK, some people aren't necessarily into the surf and sand. Alaska is a great location if you enjoy the colder temps and are considering that cozy cabin feel. Huddled up next to a fire with some hot cocoa and your boo is still an incredible option for a honeymoon. In fact, any time spent in your SO's arms is a small vacay from reality.

New Orleans, Louisiana
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If you don't want to leave the states, don't worry, because New Orleans will make you feel out of this world. There's so much history there, and when you make that first turn down Bourbon Street, you better have your party hard shoes on. Booking an Airbnb is a beneficial idea in these parts.

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Walk hand-in-hand on Rendezvous Bay and swoon over the surreal sunset every night. That sand looks so freaking soft — you are never going to want to take your toes out of it. Introduce yourself to the locals and truly immerse yourself in everything the beautiful culture has to offer. You never know what sort of scoop and insider tips you'll learn.

Your honeymoon will be absolutely unforgettable anywhere the two of you decide to go. The point is to bask in those feelings following your vows to be by each other's side for the rest of your lives.