Unique Honeymoon Destinations That None Of Your Friends Thought Of

luke + mallory leasure

When all of your friends seem to be booking their honeymoon trips to the exact same places — Thailand, Bali, Iceland, even the crystal clear oceans of Turks and Caicos — you need to think outside of the box for yours.

It's your honeymoon we're talking about — it's a chance for you to explore a part of the world that you may be too busy, too broke or too old to visit years from now when you finally get unlimited vacation days or find a job that lets you take a sabbatical.

If you're looking for a list of honeymoon perfect spots to pick from, start with the list below of destinations your already-married friends didn't think of:

Carefree, Arizona


You don't always need to reach for the stars when it comes to planning your honeymoon. And by that, I mean you don't have to pick a place that's a million miles away and requires a passport, currency exchange and preventative shots.

You can pick a spot in America that hasn't yet been overrun by tourists. Take Carefree, Arizona, for example.

First off, it's called "Carefree." Sounds pretty great, right?

Second, it's a great desert spot where you can be all outdoorsy, but do it in a way that's still luxurious. They have hiking trails, golf, unique shops and yummy restaurants for your post-wedding getaway week.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


This a spot we all heard of in science class, but never actually put on travel bucket lists. But we should.

It's a destination where you can scuba, waterski, kayak and snap selfies with the wildlife. And it's considered to be one of the world's greatest treasures because a lot of the species on the island are so rare.

Kind of like how you feel about the person you just married (hopefully).

Makepeace Island, Australia


It's a heart-shaped island – need I say more? I will, anyway.

It's home to Richard Branson (rich AF founder of Virgin Group), and it's such an exclusive island, you'll feel like you're honeymooning away from anyone and everything (which is the point, right?).

It's so exclusive and chic, they only allow one booking on the island at a time. And it'll cost you a couple thousand dollars a day, with a two-night minimum stay.

So basically, start saving up now.

Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos, Finland


Because hotels and Airbnbs are so cliché, you want to spice things up and get ~hot and heavy~ on your honeymoon.

And there's no better place to get ~hot and heavy~ than in in a glass igloo where you can stare up at the Northern Lights while cozied up underneath some faux fur blankets.

So head up to the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, just be careful not to melt the igloo when the ~hot and heavy~ time really gets started.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Jacada Travel

For this honeymoon experience, you'll pay the big bucks to have your breakfasts crashed by a giraffe who may pop his head through your hotel window.

It's quite the destination for those who love giraffes/wildlife or are looking to spend their honeymoon alongside animals and not other people. (Honestly, fair.)