6 Honeymoon Destinations For Every Type Of Couple

Honeymoons are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. What works for one couple may not work for all couples.

Someone’s Hawaiian paradise is another person’s definition of boredom. One relationship craves sky and scuba diving, while another considers that a nightmare.

Your honeymoon HAS to fit your style as a couple. As far as decisions go, it ranks among the most important you'll make in the build-up to your wedding. That's a lot of pressure.

But we’re here to make the decision a little easier. Use our simple test to figure out what your couple vibe is and find the corresponding honeymoon destination.

The Homebody Couple

If you are that couple who prefers staying in to a night on the town, picking a honeymoon destination can be particularly overwhelming. “Would a staycation seem REALLY lame to people?” you muse to your significant other.

Well, yes, it WOULD seem lame. Your honeymoon is a time to get away from your everyday lives and enjoy each other’s company with no distractions. Besides, there are plenty of low-key vacation spots that perfectly fit your homebody vibe.

Recommendation: A trip to a southern city is just the ticket for you! The slow pace and laid-back locals will put you right at ease. Locations like Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina, are the perfect blend of history, gourmet food and Dixie charm.

The Thrill-Seeking Couple

You two are not happy unless you are testing your limits and chasing an adrenaline rush.

You think staying in is an activity best served with old age. You are young, and you want to take advantage of your youth and live life to its fullest. If a vacation destination has zip-lining and bungee jumping, that’s where you’ll jet to.

Recommendation: Belize has become a thrill-seeking mecca in Central America. Travel there for exotic landscapes like the rain forest and volcanoes. You won’t be bored or disappointed with this honeymoon destination.

The High-Powered Corporate Couple

You and your spouse are high on ambition and low on free time. You don’t understand what a free night would look like. You’re constantly working to get ahead, and when you finish all your tasks, you’re hitting up networking events and making new connections.

When your wedding (aka the social event of the season) is over, all you’ll want to do is collapse on a beach together and relax to the max.

Recommendation: All you need is a beach and a steady stream of tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas — an all-inclusive resort is going to be your happy place. Consider Turks and Caicos, which is on the rise as a hot spot thanks to its beautiful resorts and white sand beaches.

The Crunchy-Granola Couple

You’re looking for a spiritual experience. You don’t want to do anything that is expected or typical. You want your honeymoon destination to help you find your center.

A trip is a chance for a life detox. You and your partner are looking to leave the laptops, tablets and phones in the cabin and to be one with both nature and each other.

Recommendation: A cleansing hike sounds like the perfect way to achieve nirvana. Check out Bryce Canyon’s Red Rocks in Utah and soak up its unparalleled natural beauty.

The Creative-And-Cultured Couple

Your creative juices are what drive the two of you. You’re the type of couple that thrives on concerts and museums. You feel your best when you’re consuming all types of art. You live in a city, and when you travel you’re most comfortable in the same environment.

You’re constantly looking for new inspiration and travel is your favorite way to find it.

Recommendation: You’ll be happiest trekking to a country with a storied culture. Try an immersive trip across Spain, where you can take in the flamenco of Barcelona, the architecture of Madrid and — of course — a lot of red wine.

The Rager-Loving Couple

The couple that parties together, stays together. That is the motto of your relationship.

You relish the inside jokes that only a night of drinking can provide. The wedding toasts at your reception are going to be hilarious and bawdy, but you’d have it no other way. You’ll need a honeymoon destination that fits the bill and provides the perfect setting for even more outrageous stories.

Recommendation: Could any destination be more fitting for you than Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? The beaches are beautiful, the locals are gorgeous and the parties are plentiful. You’ll have stories galore after just one day.

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