7 Holiday Traditions That Only Feel Right With Your Sister By Your Side

Your sister is that huge reminder that not all gifts are given to us on Christmas. For some of us, we get to experience a gem everyday. So, when the holidays roll around, we already know it's going to be magical. That's why there are holiday traditions with your sister that really wouldn't feel right with anyone else, because she's the best holiday partner of all time.

Besides the fact that it would be super excruciating not to have her around for the holidays, there are some things you literally couldn't do without her. Seriously, you'd feel completely out of whack and probably spend the entire time talking to her through video chat about how you are totally incomplete without her by your side. Call it being sister-privy-only or whatever, but your sis puts an extra jingle in those holiday traditions.

Don't blame us — our parents are the ones who brought us together, and we have no intention of parting now, even in adulthood. Those deeply-rooted childhood traditions aren't going anywhere, and we are so grateful for our partner in crime who hasn't left, either. If you have a sister, you already know the deal, and if you don't, don't be surprised if your friend cancels plans just so that she can partake in any one of these traditions with her favorite Santa's helper.

Decorating The Tree At Your Parent's House

Even when you were younger, arguing over who would put the topper on the tree was all in good fun. You never quite realized it then, but those might have been some of the most genuinely beautiful times you had in your childhood. And what made it so special? Your sis appreciated all of the same holiday magic as you did, and she still does.

Wearing Christmas Sweaters And Drinking Hot Cocoa
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It sounds pretty simple, but nothing beats being cozy in a Christmas sweater while holding a mug full of hot cocoa with your sister. Sure, you could do this with anyone, but the whole experience will not be the same. Sisters have the potential to turn even the smallest things into something astronomically enjoyable.

Baking Cookies For "Santa"
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OK, maybe these days the cookies are more for us than they are for Santa, but still. You and your sister have so much fun in the kitchen together, and baking holiday cookies always keeps you guys in good spirits. Who knows, you may even actually make some for other people this year if you can manage to stop the taste testing.

Playing Christmas Music While You Wrap Gifts

Let's face it, you and your sister have the ultimate Christmas playlist. You both love the covers and the originals, and you've perfectly constructed a playlist that allows you to sing your hearts out. Honestly, it tends to get so loud that you almost forget you're supposed to be wrapping gifts once that opportunity for a duet presents itself.

Watching Christmas Movies All Day Long

From Home Alone to Jingle All The Way, a movie streaming session is basically mandatory with your sister. No matter how old you get, those movies will always resonate that incredibly huge holiday spirit the two of you share. And even if you ladies have upgraded to spiked eggnog as a beverage choice (if you're 21 and up), all of the feels are still the same.

Creating Handmade Christmas Cards
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There's just something extra special about receiving a handmade card for any occasion. Your handwriting is probably a lot better than when you started whipping up these gems as a kid. Even if you and your sis make these for each other or different members of the family, no one forgets how sweet they are.

Going To See Christmas Lights

Christmas lights never get old, and even if you two frequent that same enchanting street every single year, each time is never like the last. Your sister will always be your little piece of childhood, so it almost can't be explained the way it feels to do things with her that you've done together for your entire lives. You two can't turn back time, but for each other, you're that part that never left.

Holiday traditions with your sister provide you with a whole new definition of the holiday spirit. Even if you don't receive anything for Christmas, she's the gift that keeps on giving.