10 Christmas Traditions Millennials Plan On Continuing In Adulthood

by Kaitlyn Beck

The holidays are such a joyful time.

Aside from being finished with final exams and a whole semester of bullsh*t work, the season is filled with pure bliss.

Even the grinchiest of people can't deny the excitement inflicted from ABC's 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon.

We overly spirited people, who began decorating our houses before Thanksgiving, love Christmas.

With the baking, music, apparel, decorations and snow, how could one not be nostalgic?

Here are 10 nostalgic things we love most about the holiday season:

1. The Never-Ending Ability To Movie Quote Your Excitement

From "Elf," "Christmas Vacation" and "A Christmas Story" to "Home Alone," you can't help but implement quotes into every situation.

Is your friend dramatically exiting?

"Bye, Buddy! Hope you find your dad."

Did you stub your toe?

"Cotton headed ninny muggins!"

2. The Decorations And Lights Strung All Over Town

Setting up a Christmas tree and hanging ornaments while blasting Christmas music is one of the most sentimental things of the holiday season.

From the department store's giant tree to the festive wreaths on front doors, everyone can get into the spirit.

Remember, there's no such thing as over-decorating or decorating too soon.

Also, the longer you keep your lights up, the more spirited and dedicated you are.

3. The Holiday-Themed Radio Stations

Radio stations change their playlists to give us all the feels.

If you're someone who denies your love for Christmas music, try not singing along to Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

Exactly. You can't.

4. The Traveling

Whether you're traveling to visit loved ones or you're hosting, the planning and preparation is chaotic, stressful and exciting.

Grandma can't have the pull-out because she has a bad back, the 20-year-old siblings have to share a twin-sized air mattress and the cat is causing Uncle Billy's allergies to act up.

Ah, stress.

The whole scenario is memorable and annoyingly comforting.

5. The Holiday-Themed Food

No food goes un-Christmafied.

Although the traditional holiday food is prepared and bought, the regular, everyday foods get in the spirit, too.

Normal cookies now display Christmas trees, Coca-Cola cans now highlight Santa Claus and Starbucks changes its cup colors to something more festive.

Everything is Christmas-themed, and it's great.

6. The Drive-Through Light Shows

If the decorations around town or your home aren't satisfying enough, you have the opportunity to enjoy even more lights.

Except this time, you can do so through the comfort and warmth of your car.

Drive-through light shows are just the right amount of cheesy and cute.

Everyone loves a good light spectacle via a minivan crammed with 10 relatives.

7. The Holiday-Themed TV Shows

Our favorite TV series add to our Christmas obsession by producing a holiday-themed episode.

Classics like "That's So Raven" and "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" produced some of the best holiday-themed episodes of our generation.

Thankfully, reruns make these episodes possible to watch year after year.

Current shows and reality series join the holiday-themed episode bandwagon, adding to our excitement and Christmas-themed diet.

8. The Ability To Publicly Bust Out In Song

Caroling is an ancient tradition, possibly dating back to prehistoric times.

Every knock on the door has the potential to be a cluster of people cheerfully singing, "Deck The Halls."

Never been caroling? No problem.

Anyone has the ability to knock on neighbors' doors and break out in festive song.

I'd highly recommend trying it this holiday season if you haven't before.

9. Department Store Santas

Whether you were a newborn who was screaming and crying to sit on Santa's lap in the middle of a mall, or dressing up with your roommates to get a cute picture, it's a big deal.

Christmas would not be Christmas without a Santa making an appearance while you're shopping.

Nothing motivates you to spend more than you were planning to than hearing a bellowing "Ho, ho, ho!" through the stores.

10. Christmas Eve Cookies And Milk For Santa

There's no such thing as being "too old" to believe in Santa.

You still have to leave out a tray of cookies and a glass of milk on Christmas Eve.

I'm pretty certain there's a law enforcing this tradition.

At least 50 percent of the presents under the tree are required to say "from Santa" on them.

It doesn't matter if you believe or not; you're just going to have to pretend.

Christmas time is a time for traditions.

Family drama, traffic jams, lost-in-the-mail packages and airport delays all add to this tradition.

While these scenarios may seem aggravating and upsetting, during the month of December, they're traditional and sentimental.