These Fall Weekender Bags Are Insta-Ready & Actually Useful

by Kristin Corpuz

Weekend trips are truly the best when you need a couple days to put your hectic schedule on hold. You don't have to go off the grid or do anything too drastic, either. Sometimes, a few days spent outside your city with a friend or your SO is all you need to recharge. For every spontaneous — or intricately-planned-out — weekend trip, these fall weekend travel bags are here to be your ultimate companions.

Whether your getaway is only two days or ends up extending to four, these bags will be able to get you through whatever your trip throws at you. They're Instagrammable and chic, which is always a plus. Even better, they're made to last you through trip after trip as you jet-set around the globe (or even just through your state). You'll be able to pack everything you need — including that extra pair of shoes you always seem to sneak into your bag — and enjoy an easygoing weekend where you can just relax.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a weekend trip to your plans for the fall and make sure you bring one of these bags with you. You'll have the best time, and these bags will truly make you fall in love with weekend getaways.

This BÉIS Weekender Is The Perfect Accessory For Your IG Pics

This weekender bag from BÉIS has become my go-to anytime I go on a two or three-day-long trip. It's super spacious, making it easy for me to fit as many as five or six complete outfits, along with my toiletries and cosmetics.

I also love that there's a separate compartment on the bottom for shoes, and if I'm running low on space in the main compartment, I'll also stuff extra small purses in there, too. Plus, it looks so good in photos, I never want to put it down.

This Away Weekender Is Functional And Reliable

Away's designs are always simple and chic, and their take on a weekender bag is no different. I have their Everywhere Bag — which is great for storing underneath the seat in front of you rather than in the overhead bin — and I can only imagine that this bag is just as perfect.

It has multiple pockets on both the inside and outside so you can keep your things organized. It also features a small shoe compartment for your extra pair. The canvas is light and easy, and like other Away products, it comes in limited-edition colors so you can buy a piece that feels extra special.

This Lo & Sons Weekender Will Become Your New Best Friend

Whether you're headed to the beach or the city, this bag from Lo & Sons has you covered. It's on the smaller side for a weekender, but that's part of the beauty of it. You can use it for a variety of situations and it's perfect for making your packing situation a little easier.

It has a keychain leash so your keys don't get buried at the bottom, in addition to multiple pockets. Plus, the separate bottom compartment is perfect for your extra pair of shoes or any other things you decide to add at the last minute.

This Dagne Dover Weekender Might Replace Your Carry-On

For those three-day weekends that turn into five-day trips, this extra large weekender from Dagne Dover is the answer to all of your packing needs. It's super spacious inside so you can fit that extra pair of jeans (and the extra pair of shoes, too), and it's made out of neoprene that's hand-washable.

The monochromatic body and strap colors make this a striking addition to any travel bag collection. Plus, it comes complete with a shoe bag, pouch, and key leash so you can keep everything organized. The size is totally big enough to replace your carry-on, so you might not even need a rolling suitcase again.

This Herschel Weekender Is A Must-Have

I've had my Herschel Novel Duffle for over six years, and it has literally been around the world with no signs of stopping anytime soon. It just has one big pocket and a small shoe compartment on the side, but it definitely gets the job done.

I've packed mine so full that I thought the zipper would bust, but this bag has been able to endure every adventure it's been on. If you're looking for an easy weekender bag with no extra pockets or confusing straps, this is definitely the one you should invest in.

This JustFab Weekender Is Roomy And Chic

This weekender tote will completely take your world by storm. It has the looks of a luxury duffle, but with a price point that's a total steal. The bag has a ton of space inside, and when it closes, you'll look like the chicest person walking through the train station.

This Lululemon Weekender Is The Perfect Companion For An Active Getaway

Getting ready for an active getaway? This Lululemon duffle is the perfect bag to bring with you. Not only is it super spacious, but it also has a separate zippered compartment for anything that gets "sweaty."

All of the various pockets are chicly labeled so you can keep everything organized, and you can easily find everything from your keys to your snacks. Use this to go from the office to your workout, then onto the train or bus for your weekend vacay.