These 7 Boozy Drinks Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

by Tessa Harvey

Let's face it, it's cold AF outside. Somehow every year, winter manages to shock me. It seems I completely forget (or maybe block out?) those four to five months when your face hurts from just stepping outside, and getting into your car every morning means a face-off between you and the snow brush. Even those of us who really do enjoy winter know that snow might look pretty, but it can pack a mean punch. So, when it comes to finding that perfect drink, we all know your normal go-to is not going to cut it. Instead, the key is to find a few easy warm winter cocktails to help you survive the winter (or hibernate through it, TBH).

You may be thinking, what are these cocktails for? I think the real question here is, what aren't they for? For those of us who are 21 and up, sometimes you just need a night in with your main girls. After a long week of braving the cold, snuggling by the fireplace with a cocktail to warm your soul sounds like a pretty solid plan. Whether you're hanging with the crew and making the most of your snowed-in weather, or prepping a romantic dinner with bae, whipping up some winter cocktails just might be the way to go.

Don't freak if you're not a creative drink mixer. These seven warm winter cocktail recipes are so good and so easy, that you won't even break a sweat (not like it's warm enough to, anyway). Cheers!

Hot Buttered Rum Is Always A Good Idea
Allrecipes on YouTube

We love everything about this drink. It has everything a wintery beverage should: cinnamon, warmth, ice cream, butter, and alcohol. The best part? You can easily freeze the base batter for later (or, ahem, for all winter long), and add it to warmed rum when you're ready to drink it up. Per the video, it also makes a great gift.

A Classic For When You Want To Impress
Distinguished Spirits on YouTube

Just like the video says, this drink is the classic warm drink of winter. You can't go wrong with a hot toddy. This basic recipe uses whiskey, sugar, lemon peel, and cloves. The beauty of this hot toddy? You can mess with the recipe how you want if there are varieties you like better!

You'll Be Wishing You Could Drink This Coffee Every Morning
hilahtalking on YouTube

Who said coffee was just for downing before that work meeting you really don't want to go to? The Tipsy Bartender shows us how to make a hot coffee cocktail so good, you'll wish it Monday-morning approved. Spoiler: It's not (unless it's a snow day, then go ham).

Just The Right Wine To Warm You Up
Edgy Veg on YouTube

Mulled wine smells amazing, tastes amazing, and it looks like the holidays in a cup. What more could you need? The video breaks down the recipe and makes it easy for you to replicate. Make sure you don't boil your wine, or you'll risk losing all of the alcohol content.

A Twist On Your Fave Winter Beverage on YouTube

Hot chocolate is a winter staple, especially with mini-marshmallows. But sometimes, it just doesn't cut it all by itself.

This winter cocktail is a dream come true. It's the perfect combination of your winter obsession and a little something grown-up.

It's Never Too Late For Eggnog
No Recipes on YouTube

If you don't think of eggnog when you think of winter, you may very well need to get your priorities in line. If you're looking for a super quick and simple drink to make, this is the one for you. And if you're not an eggnog fan, who knows? This recipe might just change your mind.

This Hot Cocktail Will Transport You To Northern Italy
Cooking Italian with Joe on YouTube

This special recipe, known as "The Bombardino" from Northern Italy, is quick, easy, and mouthwatering. What more can you ask for? Be sure to heat it up over a pan of hot water to get the perfect flavor and warmth.