7 Easy Beach Hairstyles For When You're Feeling Lazy AF On Spring Break

We're all eagerly counting down the days until spring break. It truly is the best time ever, because we're getting that much-needed break from the stresses that are school and work. Expect to see us being lazy AF the whole time soaking up some sun. That's why a beach trip is the ideal place to be. It's a vacation where you're just required to nap on the sand, without a priority in the world besides rotating with the sun. It's honestly the lazy girl's dream come true. Even though we're all about embracing those chill, relaxing vibes, that doesn't mean we can't have awesome hair the entire time with some easy hairstyles for the beach.

You'll be too busy swimming around, reading that book you've been dying to get to, and sipping a milkshake on a float with your friends. You probably want to look fab for all of your Instagram vacation pictures, but you don't want to break a sweat doing it. These seven hairstyles will help you achieve that look just perfectly.

You'll feel like you woke up like this, because you literally just woke up and threw it all together. Some of these hairstyles are even perfect for wet hair, because you'll want to dive into the water without a care. So, spend more time catching some waves, and less time in front of the mirror styling them. You look fab, and the ocean is calling your name.

Boho Beach Braid
Danielle Marie Carolan on YouTube

There are a few extremely easy hairstyles in this video that you can choose from, especially if you're looking for a braided style. Out of all of the braids though, we're really loving the boho braid. It's a very simple braid down the back, but adding a vibrant-colored head wrap makes it look extra chic.

Two Braids
Alex Centomo on YouTube

This video also highlights several no-heat hairstyles, and they work great for anyone who has naturally wavy hair. Two braids is a simple look we all know and love, but incorporating some smaller braids into the mix gives it something a little extra. This style won't take much time, but all of your friends will think you're a hair guru who knows all of the great styling tricks.

Retro Buns
Kayley Melissa on YouTube

Honestly, you could rock any of these easy hairstyles from this video on the beach and not worry about them falling apart from the wind and water. Out of these styles, the retro buns are something truly unique and cute. They do look a little like Rey from Star Wars, so the force will be with you on this look without having to use a lot of said force to make it happen.

Top Knot
Shannon Estelle on YouTube

If you end up by the beach and your hair gets wet, don't panic. Throw together one of these easy wet hairstyles to ensure sure you're embracing all of the good beach vibes. A top knot is so simple, and this won't take up much of your time. And if you want to make your top knot a little extra, consider adding a head scarf or tropical headband.

Ponytail With A Side Braid
Kaitlin Emma on YouTube

A ponytail is always an easy hairstyle to have in seconds, but make it stand out with a side braid. It doesn't even have to be a fancy braid if you're in a crunch to get back to relaxing. A simple braid that you add into your pony will look awesome. Don't forget to complete the look with a ribbon hair tie, and you're set to seas the day.

Overnight Waves
AndreasChoice on YouTube

If you just want to get up and go in the morning, set yourself up with some overnight curls. There are three pretty easy techniques in this video, but the paper towel curls are something out of this world. They also give such an awesome curl to your hair, and all of your friends will think you spent the morning with a curling iron — when in reality, you spent the morning sleeping in.

Braid And Bun
Kalyn Nicholson on YouTube

Take your messy bun and make it look like you put effort into it with a little French braid. It won't even take a lot of your time. Just start a small French braid at the top of your head, and when you get tired of braiding, put it up into a messy bun. At the end of the day, you're giving yourself a sweat-proof hairstyle without breaking a sweat to achieve it.