7 Cute Dorm Room Date Ideas That Are Perfect For Cozy Sweater Weather

With everything we have to juggle in college, including financial survival, it can be a bit of challenge trying to put together an awesome date. Many of us happen to be pretty broke for the majority of those four years, but we don't want to deprive ourselves of dating. Coming up with dorm room date ideas for the fall is a perfect idea, while the cozy elements are unfolding around you and the opportunities are waiting for you indoors.

You're already in your dorm room the majority of the time, anyway. Having a date in there will make you feel incredibly comfortable because you're in your own space. You'll feel so relaxed that those first date jitters will subside, and you'll shine like the gem that you are.

The intimate setting, along with you being in your comfort zone, is certainly a combo for a killer date. In college, the little things (like eating three times a day) are seen as cherished accomplishments. So, a dorm room date is just as valuable as a date that's out and about. If your roommates are cool with it, have them tag along with their dates, or organize a plan around the time they're gone for the weekend. Regardless of the circumstances, there are some dorm room dates that'll make you forget about going out, and keep you snuggled up indoors.

Movie Roulette
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OK, for this idea, you bring three movies that are your favorite, and your date brings three that they like. This way, you have a variety and can decide together which ones you want to watch. You may even be able to watch more than just one. I mean, who's even looking at the clock, right?

Bean Bags And Board Games

Anything involving bean bags is means for some childlike fun. Remember how much we enjoyed sitting on them as kids just to slowly descend to the ground? Well, that feeling never left the child that still lives in our adulting hearts. No matter what board game you choose, the bean bags are going to complete the whole setup and leave you both on cloud nine.

A Potluck Of Your Fave Snacks
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Potlucks are everything, especially in college when your intake of food is so scattered, it can be hard to plan consistent meals. Gathering a bunch of your favorite snacks with your date could be interesting and fun. Not only will you get a peak at what satisfies their sweet tooth, but food is always a gateway to good conversation.

Mocktails In Pajamas
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Since you're already going to be relaxed, you might as well turn it up a notch and get creative. Lounging around with your date in your pajamas will help make the meeting more casual, and you'll feel less obliged to say and do everything in a cookie cutter way. A spread of cheeses and meats with some mocktails to accompany will be an indoor activity you'll never forget.

Hot Cocoa And Your Favorite Show
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Whether you're old school and make your hot cocoa on the stove or have upgraded and started using a crockpot, it's the ultimate fall beverage. It's cozy and makes you want to snuggle under a blanket and just surrender yourself to the moment. Now, imagine all that, with your date. Yeah, it's time to go and get your fave hot chocolate recipe and marshmallows now.

Candlelit Dinner At A Low Table With Cozy Pillows

Since your dorm probably doesn't have all of the major furnishing you're used to, or if you just want to add a new twist to your date, set up a small table with some mood lighting, flowers, and place two plushy pillows on each side. It's not every day you treat yourself to a dinner like this, and your date will definitely take note of the spontaneous effort you put into an impromptu dorm room date.

Make Caramel And Candy Apples
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Talk about sweets. Candy apples and caramel apples aren't too tough to make, and it'll be cute to make them with your date. It might make a little bit of a mess in the kitchen, but you're guaranteed something sweet for the both of you. Joke about who made the best ones or "accidentally" leave a small but noticeable amount of caramel on the corner of your mouth. Yeah, I went there.

Hosting a date in your dorm room this fall is bound to give you all the feels. Yes, the fall foliage outside is amazing, but painting your own good time inside is worth a try.