7 Adorable Pups Doing Yoga That'll Put Your Downward Dog Skills To Shame

by Georgina Berbari

As a self-proclaimed, dog-obsessed yoga enthusiast, when I went to goat yoga the other week (yes, it's a thing), I couldn't help but high-key wish the fuzzy farm animals would be replaced with adorable little doggos. Like, picture being in downward facing dog, surrounded by literal puppies — goals times 10, amirite? So, I decided to look up some photos of dogs doing yoga to satisfy my fantasy of incorporating some seriously adorable pups into all of my yoga flows, and I was not disappointed.

TBH, seeing a bunch of photos of puppies whipping out some advanced asanas made me wonder, what can't dogs do?

Apparently, besides being cute as hell 24/7, they've also been known to pull some seriously wild sh*t, like this puppy flying a damn airplane, or this doggo doing a complex math equation. Seriously, hit me up if you can look me in the eyes and tell me that dogs aren't the best creatures to ever grace this planet. I'll wait.

But, in the mean time, here are seven dogs that will totally blow your mind with their impressive yoga skills. You may or may not be casually embarrassed that a German Shepherd is better at a vinyasa flow than you are. But you'll most likely just say "awww" for three hours and set these pics to use as your cover photo on every social media outlet you use.

When Your Dog Is Better At Yoga Than You Are
INSIDER on Twitter

This 3-year-old Australian Shepherd, named Secret, is literally a yoga pro. He's adorable AF and basically the most well-trained doggo on the planet.

His owner Mary wrote in an Instagram caption, "A short clip of me and Secret trying out a new 'doga' position way too early this morning."

Life goals, amirite?

BRB, going to try to get my dog to flow with me. (I hope he doesn't show me up like Secret, though.)

When The Pup Wants To Show Off In The Middle Of Your Practice
Ellen Grinke •• on Twitter

You know when you're really getting into the juicy part of a yoga flow — you're sweating, you're in the zone, you're nailing that new arm balance that you've been working on for months. And then *bam* — the pupperino comes in and steals the show.

This girl looks like she's probably thinking, "OK, I get it fam, you're better than me and always will be, but honestly, I'm not even mad because you're pudgy and lovable as hell."

Apparently Pugs Can Have Killer Core Strength
Pupeyes on Twitter

OK, honestly, this pose takes some major core strength to do, and I am in awe.

Plus, his little pink tongue blowing in the wind, and his slightly alarmed gaze just makes me weak. Like, please let me love you with all my heart.

Also, just wondering, can pugs be personal trainers? Seriously, I'm just asking for a friend.

This Cutie Takes "Extended Puppy Pose" Quite Literally
Yoga With Kerry on Twitter

Extended puppy pose is an incredible shoulder-opener and a great way to give your upper back some major TLC. But this pup is like, "Well, my species is literally in the name, so check me out, y'all."

TBH, he looks majestic AF. I can only hope to look as suave as this fuzzy babe during my next attempt at this asana.

But, How Though?
MulPlayer on Twitter

How. Just, how? I'm speechless.

This Puppy's Balancing Skills Are On Fleek
Vendyr on Twitter

If I contorted my body into this complex balancing pose, my face would not be that calm and composed — just sayin'.

He's like, "Yeah, I'm the boss, and you all know it. Now where's my treat?"

This darling doggo is completely and utterly unaffected by the challenge of this strengthening arm balance, and TBH, as a yoga teacher, I'm impressed.

This Doggo Embodies "Open Hip" Goals
GoDoggie-GLOW on Twitter

Ugh, I've been trying to get my middle split perfected for months, and this tiny, precious puppy drops it low like it's NBD.

Can somebody bring him to me so he can teach me his ways? No promises that he'll get returned to his rightful owner after the lesson, though. #SorryNotSorry.