You & Your Pup Deserve A Vacation, So Here's Where You Should Go

You need some away time to get your head together and to unwind, but you're determined to bring along your little ray of sunshine — your pup. While animals help us tune out the realities of the world with their presence alone, we'd still love to physically go away with them and take a break. You'll need some dog vacation ideas that will be enjoyable for the both of you.

Honestly, are you ever truly relaxed with the wellbeing of your pup lingering in the back of your head? Not even a little bit. So, you might as well amplify the fun and bring them along with you. They'll enjoy the adventure, and you'll love the time off and spending it with them in a new place.

Yes, your love has grown so deep for your fur baby that now you are going to plan an entire getaway for the both of you. So what? They're incredibly great company and you can't really imagine anyone who would appreciate your efforts more than they would. You also want them to see more than just their normal walk route. Now's the time to do it. If you and your fur baby are ready for a new adventure, try planning a getaway to any one of these places.

Sanibel Island, Florida
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Sanibel Island gives you a nice mixture of peace and quiet, or well-involved fun. Whether you're playing catch with your pup or soaking up some sun on the sand, it'll give you a balance of both. Also, staying on the beach long enough to see an amazing sunset or two would be super dreamy.

Portland, Oregon
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Portland is very pedestrian-friendly and it's easy to commute around. It certainly won't be difficult to find several dog parks for your pooch to run around in. Be ready to be dragged absolutely everywhere as they sniff all the new smells of a different city. Walking shoes will do you well during a trip to Portland.

Horseshoe Bend In Page, Arizona
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Oftentimes, the journey to something mesmerizing isn't the smoothest, but it'll be worth it. That's the least that can be said about trekking it to Horseshoe Bend. Once you and your pup get to the top, though, it will totally be such a sight. Snapping a pic of you two gazing out would be so Instagram-worthy.

Lake Tahoe, California
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It's cabin time, my friends. Renting a small cabin in Lake Tahoe will be just the relaxing getaway you and your fur baby could use. Sleep in or take an early morning hike down trails. Hey, you may even run into other dogs along the way. The fresh air will do you good.

The Finger Lakes In New York
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Are you down to visit 9,000 square miles of pure bliss? The Finger Lakes Region of New York is the place for you and your pup. There are over 10 different lakes at this location, and if you're up for the challenge, you might as well try to hit them all while you're there.

Bar Harbor, Maine
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For you, get ready to devour some seafood like you've never eaten it before. That's one of the perks of visiting somewhere so close to the water. For your pup, a trip to Acadia National Park will provide them with so much of the outdoors, they'll be wiped out by the time you make it back.

San Diego, California
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Warmer getaway? San Diego is a nice little vacay if you plan on making your trip during the warmer months of the year. Everyone is always outside, walking around and enjoying the basically perfect weather that literally never fails. Your pup will have a ball going from the beach to different boardwalks with you.

Getting away with your pup will be one of the best decisions you ever make. They really know how to make everything better.